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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. This is fantastic. Kinda sad the condition RBG is in - don't wish cancer on anybody - but still a damn funny edit. Dumb live IMO.
  2. Looks like somebody beat you to it
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  3. An hour into Bird Box and so far so good.
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  4. Anyone watch "Surviving R. Kelly"

    Wow. Dude likes em young. I knew some of his history but not all of it.
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  5. It's weird how the public or groups of people will know a person is a POS or doing illegal stuff but nothing happens until randomly everyone seems to care. Like Hannibul Buress and Bill Cosby. Or the NYT article and Weinstein. Dave Chappelle was doing skits about R Kelly 10+ years ago and no one cared until this new documentary. Hopefully this finally sinks that dude.
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  6. Watched the first two episodes so far. Guy has problems. No idea how he’s not in prison right now, or at least on a sex offender list somewhere.
  7. it is amazing to me how certain industries have been bullet proof to being held accountable for some of this crap.

    this isn't a matter of being from a different culture, age, perspective, etc... hell some have even used the perception to make more money

    can you imagine the outrage directed at the nfl if they did a promo touted that ray rice was someone with an uncontrolled temper and watch ray unleash that temper on the ravens next opponent this sunday?
  8. Yep. My hook is hypocrisy. And it’s rampant in Hollywood. Take Lady Gaga for example - she’s a sexual assault survivor and vocal advocate, but yet does a song with R. Kelly. She has now apologized for it in light of the documentary coming out. R. Kelly should have been black balled from the industry and furthermore in prison. Most of these people all are talk.
  9. oldest daughter is the stereotypical actress/yoga instructor/ csr and done some temp work for casting agencies and production companies on movie sets.

    she has commented about how some actors will get bad raps from yelling and screaming and being horses asses to the point others in the industry won't work with them, but.........they don't touch people in the manner of harvey, spacey etc.... and yet who gets work and who gets black balled. (racial i know)
  10. You know the rules.
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  11. Mahomes is just unreal.
  12. Game of Mahomes
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  13. Watching Peaky Blinders for the second time. Catch so much more.
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  14. Such a great kid. Easily one of my favorites I’ve had the privilege of watching up close.
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  15. Arm talent is ridiculous
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  17. Since we are on TV shows, anyone watch Curse of Oak Island? Those dudes dump so much money into just doing construction.
  18. I wish I could’ve figured out how to get paid digging for imaginary pirate treasure in my back yard.

    10 year old me was way ahead of the times
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