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GDT: TCU v ksu game 3

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Armadillo, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. Waiting for a brain fart on the bases got one
  2. Next kid K's
    As does the next kid.
    And the next.

    Not very democratic half inning there. Only Williamson got to play.

    End of 3 5-1 Frogs
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    Offense needs to keep the pressure on and not go into one of those 3 or 4 inning funks.

    And just as I type this... Keefer first pitch swinging grounds out.
    And Hump Ks looking
    Oviedo reaches on an error by the coach's son.
    And we didn't need THAT runner either as Oviedo is picked off.

    We've only played four innings and had an inning's worth of outs made on pick-off's. How many pitches would this kid have thrown if he'd have to complete an inning?
  4. how many freaking times are we going to go first move and get picked off? Have we never run the bases on a lefty before?
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    Cat lead off flies out to Rizer.
    And now Henry makes an error and a Cat reaches
    Next kid Ks
    FC ground out ends the Cat 4th.

    Head to the 5th up 5-1.

    Need to use our 1-2-3 hitters this half to put this game in the deep freeze.
  6. awesome play by Oviedo at SS to end the inning
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    Wolfe lines out to CF.
    Watson makes him throw a bunch but grounds out.
    Guenther doubles again. Really need to score him.
    Play is under review but he's safe.
    If Isola can get on we may see their closer.
    NM...Isola Ks

    And yep....they had their closer getting hot
  8. Huge half inning coming up for Williamson and the Frogs
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    Great inning for Williamson as he gets them 1-2-3 in the 5th.

    Rizer attacks the first pitch of the 6th and makes an out. Not sure the thinking there.
    And KSU goes to the pen and gets the closer
    Henry greets him with a single.
    Keefer grounds out and Henry gets to 2B
    Hump lines out to end the Frog 6th.
  10. Frog O has gone scoring silent for three innings now but at least they got their closer into the game early.

    Cat leadoff batter pops up for the first out
    Next grounds out.
    And the next flies out.

    Williamson dealing to this point!
  11. Oviedo grounds out.
    Wolfe goes yard 6-1
    Watson grounds out
    And Guenther grounds out.

    Head to the stretch at 6-1
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    Williamson walks the leadoff Cat to start the 7th.
    Ks the next kid.
    Next Cat grounds out to 3B. Runner stands at 2B
    Next batter HBP right after a mound visit. Hmmmm
    And Eissler is on with runners at 1st and 2nd and two outs.

    Helluva day for Williamson in a critical situation.

    First pitch hitting the Cat catcher singles. Should have known that he'd be cutting as he's done it all series
  14. Anyone else wondering why PB87 has his own thread for this game?
  15. Simulcast in Spanish?
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    Bases loaded with Cats and two outs.
    Hughes has to be tossed for arguing K call.
    And he is
    Hughes was wrong. He crossed the plate with the bat.
    And Jake plunks a .203 hitter with the bases loaded and two outs. Not acceptable Jake

    6-2 Frogs and bases remain loaded

    And this is where the new HBP rule may come into play.
    Under review. 9 times out of 10 earlier this year that would be called a strike for turning into it.

    Call stands and it stays 6-2

    Next Cat singles and its 6-4
  17. Definitely leaned his body toward the plate on the HBP
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  18. No doubt that would have been called strike three earlier this season. No doubt.
  19. Green comes in to replace Eissler. This could be our season in the next few pitches. If Eissler goes unreliable in the pen as he has recently I don't know what can be reasonably expected.

    And now another error on Henry.

    This field should be outlawed. This is a 1st degree felony committed against the game of baseball.

    6-5 now
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  20. Filed the freakin baseball, please!!

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