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GDT: TCU v ksu game 3

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Armadillo, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. Do they take a bus home, maybe a school bus?
  2. there are other things in the world besides TCU baseball. Our time has come and gone with 4 World Series appearance. The program has slipped to a mediocre level. Just find something else to thoughts on.
  3. Gave up 10 runs in the last three innings. Just plain awful.
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  4. Our decline oddly seems to have coincided with our Headcoach deciding he would rather be someplace else
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  5. And imo believing bunting is a wasted out, they can’t defense teams that do and they seem to outhit everyone but leave too many on base.
  6. Hopefully the same doesn’t happen with our basketball team. Once you hike your skirt and let it be known you do t want to be here, maybe it’s just time to move on.
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  7. Either that, or catastrophic injuries to our pitching staff.
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  8. And losing kids to the draft has not helped the staff or defense at all. Think we will have another juco heavy year with pitchers.
  9. What was the excuse last year?
  10. Think this is the second year we haven’t had a leader step up on the staff. The best teams are player lead and not coach lead. Sarloos can only do so much
  11. I'm not sure, but bunting in certain situations is in the game plan of ALL successful teams.
    It wasn't that long ago it was integral part of the offense and I don't know why CJS doesn't take control and bring it back.
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  12. Sorry, I'm late...

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  13. These guys have no room for error anymore. They've gone 2-2 and 1-3 the last two weeks and looking bad losing too. If they want to right this ship and salvage the 2019 season, they need to quit jacking around on our remaining Tuesday games, and start sweeping weekend series. I fear what happened with our basketball team is about to happen to our baseball team and be one of the first four out.

    If I was the head coach, I would let my starter eat a couple of runs in an tough inning if he's been doing good during previous innings in the game than go to this bullpen. The worst bullpen in America this year.

    Cal Coughlin is cursed. I feel bad for Guenther. The K-State announcers said he is the best hitter in the Big XII this season during the game yesterday and looked like he was single handedly saving our wayward 2019 season with that three run, 2 out, 2 strike, home run he bombed.

    I was at both Alamo Bowl games, so I still hold out faith Coach Schloss can turn this around. Maybe Lodolo, King, and our closer can help them win 2 of 3 in the tournament if we get there. Our Closer had his worst game of the season yesterday.

  14. I keep seeing multiple announcers say Ledolo is gone in 10 pick or less. After him, what? That being said I dont see an “emotional” leader. The bunting issue drives me crazy, they would have won some of these awfully pitched games with better base running and moving runners.
  15. And fielding a god damn bunt. If they are giving you an out, TAKE IT! So frustrating to watch.
  16. I keep hearing people speak about something called a “bunt,” but, for the life of me, I can’t figure out what it is. Is it possible no one on the team understands what it is either?
    I’ve heard it mentioned before, but I always assumed it was a myth, like unicorns or tight ends.
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  17. Not sure why you think they have to make excuses. They were one of about 8 programs in the history of college baseball to make three consecutive CWS appearances, and they made four.

    Last year's team wasn't effective, so they didn't make a fifth in a row.

    This year they suffered JJ's TOS recovery, and they lost presumed starter Russell Smith as well as reliable reliever Caleb Sloan to injuries.

    You commented that the reason for this year's struggles are that the coach doesn't want to be here. I think it's more likely due to the loss, effectively, of two starters and a top reliever. It's tough for any team to recover from that.
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    No I commented that the timing of our program regression coincides with the timeline for when our coach starting looking for a new job

    Schloss didn’t start this year or the end of last year - it was going on during the season and our team played liked it last year also

    This year pitching injuries hit three guys - those guys are not all of the problem by far - the guys that are playing are far from where they were just last year in most cases and other than Perez, none of our freshman are making any impact really.

    Our entire team has had a lack of discipline in our on field presence - a level of execution like we have never seen in a TCU club under Schloss - and now we have had it for two years in a row. Players are not getting better for the most part after a couple of years in the program, they are sometimes even regressing during the year. Our base running philosophy has had a more negative effect in the last two years than positive and we continue to not adapt at all to the situation or the results we see each week. The players are often not working together well in the field and it results in mistakes. And the bunt issue on both sides of the ball is just embarrassing.

    Those are all things that often result from either a lack of proper coaching, failure to practice execution, no clear overall strategy or a lack of faith in that strategy by the players

    Worse to me is that some of the guys looked like they were getting better to start the year but outside of Rizer and Lodolo, I am not sure you could say that about any of other the returners at this point anymore and several are worse even after spending another year in the program.

    Losing guys to the draft hurts but it’s far worse when you are not developing the guys behind them - because now you aren’t using JUCO to fill holes, you are using it to build a team and that rarely works well
  19. Well, at least now we know you are not Dan Jenkins...or are you?

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