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GDT: TCU v ksu game 3

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Armadillo, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. We didn't need that runner anyway.
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  2. When Guenther tries to get on via a drag bunt its probably not a good sign early.
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  3. Wow - how stupid that is - their best pitcher, we get a base runner with our best hitter up and we run ourselves out of it
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  4. Frog put a round number on the board in the top of the first.
  5. Well at least we got his pitch count into the teens?
  6. Won't matter. Pete Hughes is their coach.
  7. So like every series?
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  8. With a pitch clock on why can a batter signal for timeout and get out of the box with nobody on base?
  9. Oh great, we have some no name former player doing color commentating talking about ksu hitter’s hands staying soft but his feet getting antsy.
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  10. good inning for Williamson
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  11. Cats throw up a zero in their half of the 1st
  12. Former KSU coach
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  13. If Williamson can keep throwing the splitter for a low outside strike and keep his breaking ball looking like the same location outbid his hand - this might be his day to go deep
  14. Color guy: "first run, second run of the ballgame is really gonna mean a lot." Really splitting the atom there pal
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  15. Not a no name nor a former player
  16. Isola with a lead off single
  17. Even worse.
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    Rizer still over 300 on the season but 167 or so in Big12. Need him to get hot.

    Productive out for Rizer as Isola gets to 2B.

    Home plate umpire looks immediately to the bench and Frogs will review the out at 1st.

    Plate ump thought he was safe.

    And Rizer was safe. No doubt.

    Henry and his team leading GIDP stat coming up with two on and nobody out.

    Thank the Lord for the WP.

    Henry singles and its 1-0 and the reverse jinx paid off this time
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  19. I guess you missed the spirit of the post. But keep it going!

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