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Gary's D is Back...

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by DeuceBoogieNights, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. You might want to clear your cache and delete cookies now.
  2. I only wish that was the worst of it!!!
  3. SMU will be a nice transition from Arkansas to Oklahoma State. Sutton isn' the threat Washington is, but I am not sure anyone has a receiver quite like Washington.

    Mustangs as pointed out though can throw the ball effectively and while they don't have the same offensive line talent they do scheme well.
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  4. So you've been spending time on Shaggy, have you?
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  5. Even worse, Sicem365 thanks to all the recent links posted here!!
  6. The ANUS??
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  7. Wet Anus or dry Anus when we play Rapeylor? Will it rain again only on them?
  8. Sutton is a 6'5" first round receiver, will most likely go before Washington, he will be all TCU can handle, the difference is QB is nowhere near as good as Rudolph
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  9. Agree Sutton is a talent, he has been in the past, and will be a challenge on Saturday. Reminds me a bit of Mike Evans of A&M and Tampa Bay. Runs better than you think, uses his body well, and goes after the ball. Both are former basketball players who look more like they are rebounding a missed shot than catching a pass. Sutton actually is what I hoped Porter would develop into at TCU.

    Washington is unique in that he is a receiver with the type of explosive speed that makes him very hard to handle in a spread offense. Bigger than people think and his is a physical runner after the catch. Both guys average a touchdown ever 5-6 catches. Big difference is Washington averages almost 20 yards a catch for his career and that is a career that is comprised of well over 200 catches.
  10. Blue pills working? Is he going to appear in a commercial sitting in a bathtub on a cliff?
  11. Some people in our great nation, don't have...um...suppositories, such as, and South Africa and the Iraq.

    Such as.
  12. I am sure Gary is happy, because, as in the '09 and '10 years, this team is getting a ton of 3-and-outs. Against JSU, 12 out of 15 drives were either 3-and-outs or turnovers on 3 or less plays. Against Ark that number was 5 of 10. So on the season, the TCU defense has held the opponents drives to 3 or less plays in 17 of 25 drives.
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  13. The Italian cork soaker family business is interesting

  14. TMI
  15. Still one of my favorite sketches. Given Jimmy and Horatio's history, I have no idea who they kept it together.
  16. Stolen from Johnny Dangerously.
  17. Every time this thread title pops up, it's shocking for a split second.
  18. Yes, you never see it coming.
  19. [​IMG]
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