Gary's D is Back...

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  1. This isn't a TCU is going to win the conference thread because it's a long season. This isn't a discussion about the offense even though that plays a part. This is a defense discussion.

    Through two games it looks like Gary might have this thing dialed in. If they keep this up vs SMU and OkState... The floor is the ceiling if you know what I mean.
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    Thought this thread was gonna be about something else.
  3. TL. DR.

  4. Better talent on the D-Line does wonders for a defense. Bethley is a gem and Banogu looks like a beast on the field.

    Another great thing for the defense was us controlling the time of possession. Playing such a fast tempo can be a double-edged sword.
  5. I don't recall hearing Blacklocks name. I'm sure I missed it. Defense obviously played well. Anyone know how he did?
  6. One tackle. He played fine. Bethley was great IMO. I'm beyond excited about those two and Banogu.
  7. Think Bethley is going to be the best player and highest draft pick we've had since Hughes.
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  8. Bunch of young guys with NFL potential on this team IMO.
  9. BB was everywhere today! I'm excited for this team's potential.
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  10. CGP talked a lot postgame about the depth up front making a big difference. When you're rotating nine, you stay fresher, and that makes a huge difference late.
  11. Strange, I didn't see a towel girl on the sidelines... Oh, you mean defense.
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. He's a run stuffer so he normally won't pile up many stats. His role is to occupy blockers, cause havoc up front, and hold the line of scrimmage so other guys can run through and make tackles. He definitely has room for improvement, but for a freshman he's doing well. Really happy that he's already earned a significant role on the team.
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  14. Love the kid. Huge upside. Just trying to follow who's doing what with the new roster. Would like to see him with a few sacks or tackles for loss. He's young, they'll come.
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  15. Run stuffer? We are talking about defense right?
  16. too right

    a beautiful thing to behold
  17. This D-Line looks like the best group up front since the Hunter/Pierson days, and we know how good they were.....but this group is younger and deeper.

    Love what is is now....can't wait to see what it's like in the future.
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  18. Can we please use my idea for the FORT WORTH SACK EXCHANGE?

    It is cook they could tally them for every game season etc. Like the minute maid park gas pump for home runs hit by home team? We are a defensive identity team and that is a cool statistic.
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