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Gary's D is Back...

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by DeuceBoogieNights, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. Scary part about the defense is the upside it has with only a handful of seniors. Bradley, Boesen, Howard, Douglass, Orr, and Texada are all important, but there are 18-20 guys on that depth chart who are playing alot of snaps and really showing some ability be it the big guys inside, Evans at linebacker, Gladney, or a youngster like Gaines bringing the wood in the secondary.
  2. Too much D and sacks in this thread for my tastes.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. That gif and that show kill me. Just ridiculous.
  6. What show is it? I was looking for the hot dogs in face gif and this popped up.
  7. I didn't follow his every play and how we performed across the board, but M. Wilson looked like he was playing with a mean streak and had a couple big hits. Always enjoy seeing that tenacity
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  8. Gary’s D is back which means he is going to be Mr. Happy in 2017. By the way has anyone noticed CGP looks less chubbie this year, must be staying away from the Bratwurst and Salami. The performance of his unit in these last two games has been outstanding, he has reason to be proud. This is a great thing as he can be quite the prick when they are playing sub-par ball. If he keeps this group focused and playing with their heads we are going to win a lot of games. Also, the penetration and sacks have been outstanding up to this point.
  9. Still want to see how they do on the next two or three games, but very excited about the defense. The fundamentals are there, the speed is there, the play calling/execution is there. Overall this defense is much more aggressive than the past couple of years. At this point the only thing I'm left wanting to see (at least consistently and convincingly) is a clear and deep-seeded love of just plain hitting someone. The not just hitting into a guy, but hitting through him thing that you only know when you see it. That's not an easy thing to teach (if it can be taught at all) but it makes such a huge difference. WVU's D has that. I'm seeing a bit of it in TCU's D but would love to see more. Hoping for that primal instinct to really come out in the next few games.
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  10. I agree that the next few games, especially Oklahoma State and then WVU will give us a very good picture of the abilities of this defense.

    Both teams will pound the run game and then have quarterbacks who can attack deep in the passing game. If the Frogs can't hold the line of scrimmage without loading up like last week both games could be long afternoons.
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  11. Agree on the love of plain hitting. I happened to watch a couple games from 2010 season not long ago and the level of intensity and just plain viciousness of the defense seemed noticeably different to me. I saw some of that Saturday. Great offense is fine and dandy, but it would be great to get back to the point where we just overwhelm teams with a smothering, nasty defense.
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  12. That to me is the very definition of a textbook Gary Patterson (and Bumpus) defense.
  13. Workaholics
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  14. I could use a run stuffer. Been battling a nasty stomach bug since I got back from Fayetteville. Had to use Desitin on my arse today.
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  15. So much innuendo in this one post. If intentional, well played, sir. If subconscious, you are one sick puppy.
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  16. For me, the true test will be if the safeties can keep Washington in check while also helping on the run. I am assuming they put Texada on JW and then help with a safety over the top. Can they still support the front 6 while chasing great receivers?

    We have been able to use our safeties in the box so much because there haven't been any WRs that can beat us deep. With only one great receiver, I doubt SMU stresses the def that much, it would be until Stillwater until that happens.

    And yeah, I wanted to mention box in my post to balance the discussion of sacks and D.
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  18. Miss Teen S. Carolina thought innuendo was an Italian suppository.
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  19. Well, I don't know about that, but I do know that with as big and strong as Gary's D is looking, Baylor better prepare Anus.
  20. Lots of games to go and our DBs haven't seen a good on target QB and good WRs combo yet.

    If TCU does well in coverage with SMU and OSU I'll be more comfortable about the defense. Especially versus OSU.

    SMU has some nice WRs. They have a transfer WR from LSU, Quinn. They have Sutton. They have a quick scat back. They have a offensive scheme which attacks defenses weaknesses. SMU hasn't even played it's real offense yet because they played two scrubs so far.

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