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Gary, Please Wake Up

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Horny4TCU, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. Stars win!
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  2. I would do questionable things to get an OL coach who is nationally known for being tough as nails and doesn’t take [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] from anyone. We need fresh blood and fresh attitudes at the OL coaching spot and have for years. Thomsen wasn’t the solution but putting Jarrett there most certainly wasn’t the answer either.
  3. we’re running out of time to get the right people in place to make a serious title run.

    this band-aid clown crew of offensive coaches (excluding meachum) isn’t it
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  4. Too many lifelong friends and former players for my comfort, even if some are producing well for us.
  5. Not defending the OL, but the DL was worse. And where are our world class safeties on all those long plays?
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  6. Is this your first day on KFC??
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  7. Bump. Sadly it seems like GP would rather be loyal to Burns, Sharp and Anderson than win games at this point. It doesn't matter that we have big bodies. OL is a position that you must have extremely solid technique (steps/feet and hands in mind numbing reps), discipline and intelligence to win. I'm going to assume our boys have the intelligence (although I don't know) and I know they have the size (obvious). Technique and discipline comes from coaching. They aren't getting that.
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  8. You do realize Gary has 1 winning season in the big 12 over the last 5 seasons.
  9. A lot of that might shockingly be due to fewer Southern Miss’s, NC Charlottes, Tulane, Rices, NewMexicos, Air Forces, San Jose States...
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  10. GP seems to be a very loyal person. It may may not suit you in the way you describe, but it is also the trait that kept him at the school as the guy that brought out of the malaise that was TCU football when he was being courted by other schools.
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  11. This would be a valid observation if we hadn't won 12 games in 2014 and 11 in 2015/2017. What we did before the Big 12 was proven to not be a fluke by what we achieved shortly after joining the Big 12.... we've just taken a massive step back the last few years.
  12. I don’t think it it is in an invalid argument at all when people are talking about sustained progress. Coming in with a certain momentum may have helped early Combined with a coming together of some talent and people buying into the process. I think we are no different than any other program, we are going to have ups and downs in the big time. The W/L graph is certainly more tilted toward the years we played those teams I mentioned. I’m merely saying the sledding is always going to be harder in the Big 12.
  13. Sure. I'm just saying we more than proved that we're fully capable since we've been in the conference.
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  14. I am bit dizzy from watching that. Not sure if it was from the speed she was moving at or lack of blood flow in the brain.
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  15. Should make a song about that. It’s all good. Just back up every now and then and appreciate what you have.
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  16. unrelated to football and more like a boozy frat page.
  17. Reality....when an individual feels so securely empowered, so immune to sanction,

    and totally oblivious to pressure.....criticism or rebuff becomes meaningless.

    It's business as usual.
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  18. What was Jerry Kill supposed to bring to this team again? Check and balance to Gary? Help with physicality and the offensive line? Better offensive decision making?

    Has Gary shut him down?
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  19. I think the batteries in Sonny's shock collar wore out early.
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  20. to be fair, he has had to face a Heisman winning QB almost every year it seems.

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