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Gameday Thread: KState vs. TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Oct 10, 2020.

  1. 3rd and 12

    Max flushed out... has a receiver downfield and floats one down the sideline, but it gets there just as the defender reaches out, knocking it down.
  2. FUGLY
  3. 4th and 12

    Sandy punts one end over end, bounces at the 5 back up field and downed at the 9
  4. He has made at least 4 errors on that, especially on D
  5. Run the damn ball!
  6. just because sam is the only one used in the texas offense does not mean we have to follow suit

    run the damn backs
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  7. I can’t tell who Max is throwing to unless they’re inside of the 20... and that hasn’t happened in a LONG time.
  8. Nobody does less with more at the RB position than tcu
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  9. I can imagine the contrast of the colors make it hard.
  10. Under threw QJ there. Had a touchdown otherwise.

    Duggan is running for his damn life. This OL is just so bad.
  11. How many drives has Coker killed this season?
    On this last drive he first commits a procedure penalty (-5) then hhe whiffed on his assignment and give K-State a free shot at Max! The guy has very slow feet....is there any activity under the helmet?
  12. That was a throw by last year's Max. So was missing a wide open TB. Settle down kid. Hand it off, take what they give.
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  13. 1st and 10 KState from the 9

    6:34 2Q

    Handoff up the middle goes for 8
  14. We have 4 great RBs and we keep running our scheissing QB, who doesn’t have a backup.

    brutal play calling.
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  15. If we had LT now, he’d probably only get 11 carried a game
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  16. Max trying to do too much on his own! Need a RB to step up today.
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  17. This is his third start. He shows tremendous promise IMO. In an ideal world we would have another year before he has to start, but, well, that ain’t what we have
  18. I wonder if we could draw up 1 play that the offense line can successfully block. That would be nice.
  19. 2nd and 2

    Blitz nearly gets there but he floats one over the defense complete for a first down at the TCU 38
  20. That was a blitz D call for anyone clamoring for them.

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