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Gameday Thread: Homecoming/Horns Down Edition

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. 47,000 in attendance today
  2. When UT gets the ball back it will be QB run after QB run
  3. 1st and 10 TCU

    Handoff to Anderson, find a nice seam and picked up 5
  4. I like that RPO with Duggan...keep doing that and then hit over
  5. Mikel Barkley sighting
  6. 2nd and 5

    Reagor in the backfield... now in motion..

    Fake the WR screen to Reagor and Duggan runs down the middle for 3
  7. Give the Def some rest so they are juiced for the stretch 10 minutes
  8. 3rd and 2

    Wildfrog Texas all over that, loss of 3
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  9. Wild Frog destroys another drive
  10. Wild Frog there sucks so much
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  11. Jesus H Christ
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  12. Lack of coaching (Anderson years) is showing.
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  13. Song out for a 33 yard attempt... GOOD

    TCU increases it lead 30-20
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  14. That was so stupid.
  15. They stacked the right side and we still ran right.
  16. Only said out of jest! Haha all it takes is a 3rd down wildfrog to know we caught a heater not something sustainable. Was fun though.
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  17. Fire Cumbie
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  18. Wild Frog with 3 yards needed. Cumbie-dumb
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  19. What a dumbass call...Holy Balls
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