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Gameday Thread, Big 12 Championship Edition: #3 TCU vs Kansas State... again; Sponsored by Hell's Half Acre Stadium Goods


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Oh well. We had many chances to put this game away during regulation. We did not play our best football today. It’s amazing we got it to OT. The final play at the end should have been a QB sneak. Even the play before looked like Miller scored.

Bad officiating in critical situations doesn’t help.

I hope we did enough to keep the number 3 spot in the CFP. Personally, I think so.
Disappointing for us fans, but imagine how the team feels watching Kansas State, and the state of Kansas, take that Big XII trophy. They need to pick themselves up to put together some good practices.
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The ABC broadcast showed an overhead cam that showed the ball over the entire goal line with the nose of the ball touching green grass, not just barely grazing the front end of the goal line

The radio crew, while discussing the replay, made mention of a whistle stopping play. It was hard to tell if they were saying the refs blew it dead early or they were just trying to talk through the play.