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  1. Did GP give a post game presser?
  2. We won't beat Baylor if this is the team that shows up. What an epic disaster at every level.

    I left the forum about half way through the 4th quarter because it was starting to get real chippy up in here. I just caught up on 25 pages and it's a pure blood bath in here. Straight cannibalism.

    There is no one person to blame, it was just a catastrophic failure in every facet of the game. Defense took a little bit to adjust, but ended up doing their job. Turpin was Turpin and is a gamer. KHicks had some really great runs, DA when he finally got a chance, put us on his back and drove the field breaking run after run like the boss he is.......then Cumbie pulled him when we hit like the 15-20 yard line. No scheissing idea why. One of the bigger mistakes of the entire game IMO including some of the red zone play calling and player execution in the red zone.

    And the penalties. Holy mother of yellow flags. What an embarrassment that was. This offensive line has some real soul searching to do. Got whipped most of the game and in the red zone.

    Can't say ISU is for real. They just got up for this one. We weren't prepared.
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  3. Spot on.
  4. I just hope KH can bounce back
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  5. Effective. Did we throw the pick on the next play? Can’t remember
  6. OU is ann Richards smacking Tech right now.
  7. Just finished the game thread from the second half and watched the second half. Shout out to everyone that referenced me in your KH hate posts! Salute ! Still love you
  8. I actually feel bad for Kenny Hill. This game was way off the rails for him. He has been playing pretty well overall, and stepped up as a leader this year. I hope he can put this loss in his rear view mirror, learn from it and move onto the next game. The last thing we need is for him to start doubting himself and playing tentatively.
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  9. And once again the OU defense has been suspect to the tune of 27 points, 23 first downs, and 403 yards through 3 quarters. So I’m still not worried about them shutting us down.
  10. Technically we should be behind a two loss ISU if head to head means anything.


    And if anyone thinks this team makes CFP, prepare yourself. Ain't hapnin'!

    And if this team that played today shows up again, we ain't winning that one either. I honestly can't remember a single offensive cluster darn like we saw today.
  11. scheiss No. No way. Not even close.
  12. Yeah, I've been trying to think of one since the end of the game and I'm coming up empty. We haven't been shutout in eleventy billion games and today the O was, so by default this is one of the worst offensive games in decades.
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  13. Pick, holding, terrible play call, wild frog, take your pick, something along those lines probably.
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  14. This [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ] needs to be sent to the league office and a change needs to be made. If there's a rule in place, it needs to be enforced.

    That prevented a play from taking place that who knows, may have scored.
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  15. Unlikely. And there’s no rule against it.
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  16. Yes. scheissed up the entire dynamics of the series.
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  17. So many are down on the O line but that was one of our best yards per rush games of the season even with the wild frog and option debacles. Did a tenth of a yard better against SMU and gashed Jackson State.

    Turnovers tell the tale.
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  18. Holding penalties were brutal. Drive killers.
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  19. When a team doesn’t score a single point despite have two goal to go situations in a tight game because it turned the ball over, holding penalties will take a backseat to turnovers IMO
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