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Game Thread: TCU vs #17 ISU

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by netty2424, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. conference play he is shooting 42% from the floor and 34% from 3 with a assist to turnover ratio of 1.5:1

    if anything has been consistent in alex's play it has been his inconsistency.

    i do believe he is an above average point guard, but not sure if he gives the frogs more at the wing than bane or noi.

    also believe dixon did a very good job saturday of creating a mismatch in personnel with both davis and robinson in the lineup
  2. I think if we land the seven footer I believe there’s a good chance we’ll see Barlow at the four sometimes. We need a center and a power forward to round out the class. The only player who isn’t a big will be Hampton if he reclassifies to this year.

    It would really help if Mayen would be completely healthy next year. I still think he can be a very good player in time.
  3. From the tweet they don't look like Peter Millar shirts. Not sure many fans will wear them. Big mistake by Donati to go cheap on those shirts. It's going to be embarrassing on TV when we give away free shirts and nobody wears them.
  4. farmfrog, i am a bit confused when you say the only player who isn't a big will be hampton.

    you talking about the 2019 class or 2020 class?

    smith is the tallest player right now in the 2019 class and he is a 6'6" wing.
  5. I’m planning to wear my own white shirt.
  6. You ever watch Seinfeld?
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  7. I think he’s saying Hampton is too good not to take.

  8. My bad but I was trying to say that I believe we concentrate on bigs with the three schollys we have left in the ‘19 class unless Hampton were to reclassify to this class. We need bigs from say 6’7” and up. I can see us looking into a GT or a JUCOto fill one of the three spots we have left.

    Hampton will be a take whatever he decides to do. Whether he comes out in ‘19 or ‘20 he will be a take because he has the ability to be as good as any player we’ve ever had.
  9. no problem and thanks for the clarification
  10. I’m pretty sure everyone is berry aware of who called him that.
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  11. Yeah but I’m missing this reference. Unless you’re expecting the shirt to be puffy, lol

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