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Game Thread: TCU vs #17 ISU

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by netty2424, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. And to add to your point, a lot of times yesterday the layups/dunks were started on the defensive end of the floor.
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  2. I still say Arob is a special player. He is a phenomenal penetrator, which draws defenders in and allows him to find open players with assists. His assist numbers are off the charts but for most of his career his turnovers have been equally off the charts. Early in the season it appeared he had cleaned up the turnovers. He just has a motor without a governor that sometimes hurts the team in critical situations.
  3. This is a bizarre bit you do where you disagree with me and then mock me for responding. It should probably get your attention that maniac is the lone poster to like this so far.
  4. As has been said before, I’d ask like to see KD at the 1 and ARob at the 2 some more. Let’s see how that plays out.
  5. If KD keeps playing like he did yesterday, I guarantee you that will happen a lot. He was a spark plug last night. If he keeps it up, this is a dangerous team.
  6. He's probably not calling his teammates a "POS" when he's yelling at them though. You don't have to be holier than thou to agree that calling the 18-22 year old players names like that is foolish and inexcusable from an adult fan.
  7. Reasonable criticism without a personal attack. This is how it should be done.

    I don’t really agree. The team definitely looks to him as a leader. But your post is at least a defensible argument.

    Much better than calling what will be the best statistical PG in school history a POS for not making a pass.
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  8. What really amazes me is how terrible this program was for so many years. Then Dixon shows, immediately turns it around and so many so called fans are still not happy. Must be terrible to live like that. Probably the same type of people that get embarrassed by losses. Seems very insecure to me.
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  9. Pot meet kettle.
  10. Robinson is clearly not perfect but he's also one of the better PGs in the Big 12. I can't imagine where this program would be without him, honestly, given all the injuries that Fisher has suffered through. I'm sure we would've brought in another PG sooner than this year with Davis but the odds are very low that it would've been someone better than Robinson.
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  11. If you can’t see the difference I don’t know what to tell you.
  12. I'm with you man. I just look at the run our baseball program went on 4 straight years to Omaha. We were about as successful as anyone possibly could be short of actually winning a national championship. Yet there were still plenty of fans bitching and moaning endlessly instead of just enjoying the run.
  13. Two things:
    1. I imagine the number of "fans" (so-called or otherwise) have increased exponentially since CJD arrived. I imagine the "unhappiness" ratio was much much higher pre-CJD but few even wanted to expend the energy to express it.
    2. As to the remarkable turnaround in such short order...reminds me of a couple of stories my father tells occasionally: He tells the story of a head football coach who left a certain school claiming that the school would never amount to anything in football because it had a "lake culture" and the kids were lazy...that school = Lake Travis HS. Three years after that statement was made, LT started to put it together. Coaching matters. The other story was from when he was leading a school district in north Houston with 4 large high schools. One of those schools was horrific in football and the head coach told him that the kids attending that school peaked physically in junior high and there was nothing he could do about in high school. My father said, "Okay, I'll look for someone to coach the team that can do something about it." Two years later under a new coach that high school got into the state playoffs (back when only one team advanced from district). For the most part the same players that other coach had given up on. Coaching matters.
  14. We're in as good of a position as we could be I think. I know sometimes the play is frustrating to watch but this team doesn't deserve negativity. They look like they may be turning a corner again, and might just make a cool run.

    And Alex did look more comfortable yesterday at the two, kind of in the position Fish was playing earlier in the year. I'd like us to experiment more with that. Teams are planning for Alex at the point and that's gummed up the pick and roll. KD plays it somewhat differently and can mess those plans up.
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  15. Without getting too philosophical, these threads are a good window into people’s hearts. Some people will NEVER be satisfied. Unfortunately, I have some immediate family like this. Complain at 5 star hotels, they won’t go to Del Frisco’s anymore because the food sucks and the service is even worse, complain when we win on the road against a ranked team for the second time in the history of our program, it all stems from the same place...
  16. This win might have been unexpected but I’m not surprised that the Frogs won the game. This is the Big 12 where pretty much everyone can win any game. Despite what a few people think the Frogs are a good team. I still believe this team has second weekend ability with plenty of room to improve.

    ARob is a very good player who sometimes tries too hard to make winning plays. If he plays like he did yesterday the good guys will have a good chance to win games.

    We are good.
  17. What CJD has accomplished the past three years without a full compliment of players in any of those years really is impressive.
  18. Where did I “mock” you?

    Perhaps look up the definition of “mock” before accusing me of mocking you. I disagreed with your opinion of the freshman contributions. I knew you’d respond. You always do. That’s not mocking.
  19. I’m real comfortable with my initial observation. Literally zero interest in whatever it is you’re trying to do.
  20. Some of you might want to make sure you got the right guy that called ABob a POS. Just saying,

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