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Game Thread: TCU vs #17 ISU

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by netty2424, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. We are 5-5 in the toughest conference in the country...We still control our own destiny and just played a close to complete game on the road...Things are good right now. Let’s enjoy it
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  2. I think we're all aware that YOU aren't the one who did that. But when one poster says fans shouldn't call players names like that and then you respond that we should also be critical of Robinson yelling at teammates then I only quote you because it's not an apples to apples comparison that you're making. I'm not attempting to be critical of your post in any way because what you said could be a valid critique, it's just not on par with someone else calling a player a POS.
  3. Especially at TCU.
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  4. I look forward to the complaints about a free T-shirt.
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  5. Bound to happen especially people tweeting at Donati
  6. They’re probably POS.

    I kid I kid.
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  7. Armadillo, Moose, take a lap. Then shake hands and drink a beer.

    Both of y’all seem like good guys, the end.
  8. aside from playing basketball and both being left handed i don't see the arob and ginobili comparison.

    manu was an elite finisher who could go over the top of people, was a solid passer, and was very smart on the floor. he also was a small forward/ 2-guard who was a damn closer when the game was on the line.

    alex is far, far better when he isn't trying to be the offense and trying to star in an and-1 video.

    the 3-1 fast break where he has 2 guys wide open and he gets his shot blocked said a great deal
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  9. where is carlos getting this from?

    who are the six scholarship freshmen?

    frogs have 2 true scholarship freshmen on the current roster in davis and barlow

    the have 3 red-shirt freshmen in mayen, rj, and samuel. all three have been in the program 2 years so they aren't new to college game and samuel would have played last year had his grades from high school not been washed out into the caribbean

    as far as only 4 having played in the big 12 this year two of the biggest culprits in the big 12 play of silly decisions have been your guys who had the most minutes coming into this game

    frogs played hard defensively after dixon called the early time out, davis balled his ass off, they attacked the basket in the second half instead of settling 3's and they took care of the ball most of the game.

    bane as a freshman showed great game sense and we see it now with kendric. samuel has a better idea how to score on the low block than the senior and the freshmen point guard looks for him while the senior forces the shot or is passing out to bane or noi.
  10. frogs need an athletic big inside to provide something from the 4
  11. Probably counting walk on freshman Dylan Arnette. Based on his bio, I bet his on academic scholarship. Smart kid.
  12. I’m hoping with Smith and Fuller possibly getting minutes we can put Noi at the 4 if he continues to work on his game down low. Noticed he’s been posting up some when a smaller guard is on him. Would love to run the pick and roll/pop with him. Samuel needs to develop a 5-10 foot baseline shot to make that ideal though.
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  13. samuel does need to add a big of range to his game and barlow can help as well, but i would like to see an athletic 4 who can take the shot from the free throw line in the pick and roll as well as being athletic enough on defense to be a shot blocker

    noi is only 6'7" and in a couple of the losses we have been overwhelmed in the lane on the offensive and defensive end.
  14. Didn’t realize Noi was only 6’7. I take back what I said and like him at the 3. I guess they assumed McWilliams would fill the role that you’re looking for though
  15. angus and alok. i think what get's overlooked in losing fisher and archie is the frogs lost 2 bigs as well and while they recruited 2 players who can fill the positions of jaylen and archie they have yet to add a big.
  16. Well, you do have more than "zero interest" otherwise you would not have responded. Twice.

    But I generally agree and appreciate your opinions. But on the few times I actually disagree, I know you'll respond.

    I'm letting it die here. Respond if you want. I never mocked you. Only predicted you'd chime in when I disagreed with your opinion. Which you did. TWICE. I'm officially out of this discussion. It's all yours Moose.
  17. Potentially, and I said small Ginobili. Never said AR is MG, just think it would have been interesting to use him in multiple roles because I think he is athletic and talented enough to do that - and MG was a multi purpose player. Alex could fill in at PG when we didn’t have one but with a real PG he could have been used in multiple different ways on offense and defense.
  18. I feel like MOST people respond when someone else posts a disagreement. That's certainly not unique to Moose.
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  19. i think alex struggles against longer 2's in the league as he is short for a wing and his shooting from the outside makes him inconsistent enough to truly be effective.

    when he plays under control and in the flow of the offense he is a damn good point guard. when he decides to be the offense, dribble side to side for 15 seconds, or make up his mind to do something regardless of how the play unfolds that is when we get the moments that are exceeding frustrating from a senior point guard
  20. Offensively, Alex is a consistent penetrator, and passer, and finisher. He could do those things from multiple positions on the court - other than point.

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