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FWST: To sell suites, TCU gave itself the 2018 national title, Aggie style. And it worked.

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. To sell suites, TCU gave itself the 2018 national title, Aggie style. And it worked.


    Move over Texas A&M.

    According to TCU, the Horned Frogs have won national championships in 1935, 1938 and now 2018.

    Can’t wait for the banner to be unveiled.

    According to the renderings for the new East Side stadium expansion that is currently underway at Amon G. Carter Stadium, the artist who drew up the colorful plans went all-in on the sales pitch and gave the Horned Frogs the title this season.

    Read more at https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/mac-engel/article219720180.html
  2. Shouldn’t have clicked, but did. How can you write a story making fun of promotional material that includes an artist’s rendering of the stadium with a future MNC banner without including a picture of the artwork?
  3. Sarcasm and stupidity are not a good mix.
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  4. It’s become a daily event for me to think to myself “that’s the dumbest article I’ve ever read”. Yay journalism!
  5. Comparing us to aggy crosses the line. Dammit Mac, take that back, [ Arschloch].
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  6. Fool
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  7. Stupid. Renderings are supposed to be "this is what it will look like". What Aggie did was say "this is what we have already done", when they didn't. They aren't even remotely the same thing.
  8. Never change Muck
  9. That drawing was before the season began. It is salesmanship - the Banner doesn’t really exist - unlike what the Aggies have done. Slow news week for Muck.
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  10. fire this moron
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  11. Mac would have a point if TCU put "2010 National Champions" up in AGC because TCU received first place votes in the final AP and Coaches polls. TCU's retro claim (that TCU has the self respect to not attempt) would still be more defensible than those of the Aggies.
    Texas Aggie:
    Oklahoma Aggie:
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  12. I give up. As long as we provide links to his crap on KF.c, I am going to start clicking on it as many times as I can every day. I could probably get him 1000 clicks a day.
  13. Stop clicking his links dammit. Starve him!
  14. I'm going for 1000 clicks today.
  15. Once he’s fired I will subscribe.
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  16. So aggy put up a NC sign for a year they didn’t win it? Have they ever won one?
  17. What conference football championship did A&M win in 2010?
  18. The Cowboys are in the dumpster. Lot's of material. Go there, Mac.
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    He actually says in the article that TCU is"constantly teetering on the edge of bankruptcy..." Does anyone know what on earth he meant by that, and why he would have said it?

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