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FWST: TCU football will go through spring practices with one scholarship QB healthy

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. Does it come in a left-handed version?
  2. Is there anyone else we can sign from another school that's injured?
  3. I am too - but we could have honored his scholarship without also putting the program in a position where if he didn't make it back we had to depend on grad transfers, PWOs and a true freshman.

    But Rogers alone wasn't the problem - it was the combo of Robinson and Rogers that got us into this position and the staff didn't effectively use the one outlet they had to overcome it because we brought in an ineffective grad transfer and two other transfers that evidently had pre-existing conditions that either TCU didn't know about or have gotten significantly worse here even though neither has played a snap in a real game.
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  5. That's what I don't understand. None of these guys have been playing football.

    Spot on post. Total mismanagement of the offense since 2016.
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  6. my guess is if we really dug into it - much like with Robinson, they both had these issues before and they have been lingering but not season ending. But since neither have had a starting role since HS - it didn't really affect their ability to "play" until now.

    I know in my day - guys played through a lot of stuff that often caught up with them by the time they were juniors and seniors.

    However that is all speculation on my end.
  7. Don't see why we need a QB anyway. Next level innovation.
  8. Gotta wonder what Duggan thinks. Had his finger almost snapped in half and played the next week
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  9. He probably thinks "I got this MF" looking at the walking wounded in the QB room

    Maybe GP should make Cumbie suit up for the other team in the Spring game - that would make him focus a little more on getting some guys that are field ready in the future.
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  10. as written above, part of this could be a continued problem from an injury incurred at a prior date such as justin rogers or eli williams when he gets on campus.

    mike collins had the foot injury that seemed to linger for a longer than expected period of time.

    also could be an injury incurred through the off season program and not trying to throw the s&c program under the bus. injuries and accidents happen and the best example is lucas niang originally injured his hip in the off season program and it got progressively worse over time.

    there is also the possibility of it just being a life happens things. frogs lost a kicker in a vespa accident, friend who is a horn's favorite injury story is shea morenz getting hurt carrying a girl up or down a stair case at a party.
  11. TCU's chronic QB dilemma continues unabated. Baldwin's high school ACL injury and recent cleanup surgery is

    beginning to sound similar to that of a recent QB transfer. Regrettably, Duggan is thrust into a situation eerily

    akin to that of the....."Last of the Mohicans".
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  12. Baldwin's knee is fine. It's his back injury that won't go away.
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  13. Yeah. Have Cumbie run the offense as he wants to, and let Kill run his vision with Duggan. Oh he will change.
  14. So how to manage Duggan going forward to get him ready for the season without risking, as much as possible, serious injury.
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. [​IMG]

    this would make it tough to work on the passing game, but max would be tough to bring down in the run game as technically he never would touch the ground
  17. Good, he needs every rep he can get.
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  18. Well for sure, he want be sharing them. This may make a big difference going into the season - got to stay healthy or we've got close to zero chance.
  19. That was a joke, one QB can’t run every play for every rep. I am sure one of the walk-on will get plenty of run
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  20. If GP and Kill could run there dream offense, it likely would even require a QB.
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