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FWST: TCU football bracing for possible staff departures

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Dec 14, 2019.

  1. Gary wouldn’t let his defense perform like his offense has the past few years without making changes. That he’s let it go on this long tells you all you need to know about the importance he places on offense. He wants to and thinks he can win games just with his defense.
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  2. I know he has to say this, but if he actually believes it he's crazy. Personally I'm bracing myself for a lack of staff departures. No one's hired any of our crappy assistant coaches for much of the past twenty years. Why would they all start now?
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    Why wouldn’t he believe it? It’s a fact that multiple members of our staff have attracted interest from other programs in the last couple weeks. We actually employ several coaches who are quite good at what they do.
  4. can you name one on offense?
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  5. Luper and Thomsen seem pretty obvious considering they’re the two being considered for other jobs right now.
  6. Coaches today are more than there ability teach. In addition to teaching/coaching, they have break down film, game plan, manage teenagers, and be beasts on the recruiting trail. By all accounts our entire staff does that really well. Probably better than most. Its just some of them have short comings that are more obvious to fans than others. Still it’s a results business and we haven’t performed up to par over the last several years.

    I happened to think we have 2-3 guys on staff at hat would make better HCs than their current titles. Luper and Cumbie are two of them.
  7. I think that Lupe is just about perfect at his current job.
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  8. Lupe is really good at his job. I agree. His OC responsibilities are murky though
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  9. For me he’s a top notch RB coach and recruiter. I have no idea what his OC responsibilities include.
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  10. Is Thomsen the OL coach managing possibly the worst position of 2019?
  11. Power 5 school. Great tv exposure. Coaches do want to come here.
    But the problem is GP make changes. So unless some other school takes the under performing coaches, they will stay. And obviously, the other schools to seem to want the under performers. GP not making any changes yet on offense would indicate he won't make any. Those claiming that he is waiting until after recruiting are sticking their are just trying to sell themselves that it will get better. I would be schocked of Coach L got the head coaching gig.

    In the end, folks will come back next year, stick their heads in the sand. Win by 1, lose by 4.
  12. I don't think he has put the clamps on it. I just think that staff can't get it done. IF, by some stroke of odd fortune, GP does make changes, better hope he has been working feverishly behind the scenes. Because a lot of the good offensive coordinators have been snatched up. Hard to see who he would bring in who would join or replace Cumbie that could have the huge impact. We need a better qb coach. We need a rcvrs coach who can actually develop players. We need a reputable O line coach. When you look at how hard other running backs play for whole games and show up each week at other schools, you have to recognize that area has been lacking for a couple of years as well.

    If GP is clamping it down, won't matter. If he does not get it turned around next season, then it is all on him. Nobody earns the right to put a dumpster fire on the field 3 seasons in a row.
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  13. I scratch my head sometimes on what makes a guy a head coaching candidate and what doesn't. Thomsen was once a college head coach so he does have that going for him I guess, but it seems to me like guys get slotted a certain way and once they are, that's pretty much it.

    Why would Chad Glasgow not be a head coach candidate yet supposedly Luper is? Or why not Anderson? Or Sharp? Or Cross? Or heck, why not Fitch?
  14. The coaches who are rumored to be candidates for other schools are likely on the recruiting trail during this time. Which means they could easily get those recruits to the new schools. Which is why, if changes are to be made, you don't wait.
  15. Really?
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  16. Yeah, really. What skins does Luper have on the wall that those two don't?
  17. My point is that those two suck.
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  18. While I’m not certain it’s entirely accurate I think the overwhelming opinion of the board is that Luper is MUCH better at his job than those two are.
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  19. Seems to me HC candidates are identified out of innovation or blue blood roots. Can’t name single former OC/POS coach who got a head coaching job that wasn’t highly regarded as an innovator. At this time I can’t think of a guy on our staff who has that reputation. We just don’t have that guy. The defensive staff is overshadowed by GP and the offense has never been cutting edge or produced at a high level.

    Opportunities are born out of affiliation of success.
  20. Dan Sharp doesn't suck at being a football coach. At all. If Dan Sharp is no good, what makes Luper good? Ever since he became co-OC the offense has generally been bad. As RB coach he's managed to take Darius Anderson and turn him into a spot player who couldn't play much because he apparently can't pass block and 4-star recruit Sewo Olonilua rushed for 1,624 yards in his entire career without ever really being injured.

    Like I said, some guys just get slotted.
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