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FWST: TCU football bracing for possible staff departures

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Dec 14, 2019.

  1. I don't disagree, but I also don't really understand why.
  2. I'm sure some of them are fine. They must be since we've fielded decent offensive units in years when they've been here. I wouldn't lose sleep over any of them departing. I also will be utterly unsurprised if none of them do. Everyone staying put would be consistent with the past pattern, because GP's 'coaching tree' is pretty much just a short stump. What offensive coaches have been hired away from TCU and had sustained success elsewhere? Fuente, after rallying this year from a rocky start and saving his job... Who else? No one is coming here looking for rising coaching prospects who know how to get it done on offense. That suggests that we don't have those people.

    Our best offensive coaches are good enough to not get hired at New Mexico. Whoop!
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    [QUOTE="Limey Frog, post: 2813242, member: 16969"
    Our best offensive coaches are good enough to not get hired at New Mexico. Whoop![/QUOTE]

    Little bit of a misstatement here, its more like UNM could not afford our coaches.
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  4. You think a kid that we are recruiting to play at TCU would switch to play at New Mexico simply because Luper recruited him and took the HC job?

  5. You do realize Fuente didnt start his HC career at VT - right?

    UNM is looking for an HC that makes less than Luper does now - so why would he leave?
  6. IF Luper were to get that job, yes, it is possible. Of course, that depends on the promises made.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Is say it’s 99% unlikely to happen. Maybe higher.
  9. Just a thought ... recruiting is going very good so perhaps this is why GP has not made staff changes.
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  10. Correct. See the isht show in Austin. Tom Herman showing how to kill recruiting in December with hasty staff changes.

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  11. I’m more and more thinking the same
  12. Gary basically told us that with his “be careful what you wish for” comment a while back.
  13. Arizona State DC Danny Gonzales will be the next coach a New Mexico sources tell KF.c
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  14. It we’ve learned anything from the idiot in Austin, The best move is to hire the next OC candidate and position him on staff for a year. Slowly integrate him into the program and then let the chips fall with Sonny where they may. No reason not to at least try and see if you can find a guy to team up with Sonny rather than risking program uncertainty and unrest with players/recruits. There are more ways to skin a cat and the way Herman did is definitely not it.
  15. think i recall a stat that since texas won the national title back in the late 2000's they have been through a combined 16 offensive and defensive co-ordinators
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  16. We still have to produce on the field. All the recruits in the world are lovely but we need the wins
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  17. You might be able to survive that kind of uncertainty and lack of continuity at a blue blood but you 100% won’t at TCU. We may not always like it, but I like the way GP has slowly brought in younger coaches like Fitch, Modkins, and Gonzalez..Now add Kelly to that.

    We get hung up obsessing over Anderson, Sharp, Glasgow, and Burns...But what most people don’t realize is that 70% of the on field coaches have been on staff less than 8 years...Burns is just an analyst these days
  18. What we get hung up on is thinking the flashy 20 or 30-something guy that can "relate to recruits" is the way to have a good football staff. I bet a few of those guys everyone obsesses over know way more about coaching, running practices, and the game of football in general than given credit for. Who knows, the other guys might be pretty lost without them.
  19. Neither an old veteran or a young gun necessarily makes a good coach. Assuming such is disastrous but we are all guilty of it. Including GP.

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