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FWST: TCU coaches, players impressed with Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Haskins sounds like what we project for Justin Rogers.
  2. I heard that he has one rushing attempt in two games. Is that good protection or is he not very mobile?
  3. Sounds like he could run for a first down if we don’t pay attention but he’s not going to have any Mayfield type scrambles
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  4. He was the #7 pro style QB in 16. FWIW, Robinson was the #6 dual threat in 17. Both 4 stars.
  5. This is coming from a Buckeye fan, he's not a scrambler. I would compare his mobility to a young Ben Rothelisburger. His big body allows him to break tackles and hes got nice feet and throws well on the move.
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  6. The closer we get to the game, the more I feel like we are catching Ohio State at the wrong time. We have an inexperienced QB and Oline, and our biggest Dlinemen at DT (Blacklock) and DE (Collier) aren’t healthy.

    It sounds like Haskins is a big upgrade over J.T. Barrett. Yes Barrett was good, but he seems like the type of QB with weaknesses that Patterson could have gameplanned against. Patterson’s defenses seem to do so much better against QB’s that aren’t good at the deep ball, which Barrett struggled with. Unfortunately it sounds like Haskins has a great deep ball, and he has some great deep threat WRs to throw to. An area of weakness that we could have exploited in past years is no longer there. And with Tate Martell as an option, we still have to spend practice time preparing for a mobile QB.

    It sort of reminds me of 2013 where we caught LSU at just the wrong time. We were bad (4-8 season), and we happened to catch them in the one year where they could actually pass the ball due to having an NFL QB in Mettenberger and two legit NFL WRs in Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry.
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  7. Sounds a littke like Pachall to me.
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  8. Kinda what I've seen as well. It's going to take some effort to get him down (grabbing his leg won't do it), and he can get a few yards in that process, but he's not busting out 30 yard scrambles unless something has gone terribly wrong with our defense.
  9. Haskins has impressed me a lot, however he hasn't had to "Think" yet. It bothers me how many Ohio State fans don't consider that aspect of DH's game. His first read isn't going to be an easy pitch and catch all night against TCU. Damn, I can't wait for this game.
  10. Delete post, ban user.

    Level headed talk from either side will not be tolerated on this board.
  11. This is the kind of game that both teams should be better for playing...I like our chances to win but I’d like them better if we were playing this game next year
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  12. I'm pretty conflicted. I watched both Ohio State games last night and quickly re-watched our games. My thoughts:

    -- Haskins is deadly accurate and throws a lot more naturally than SRobinson....
    -- That being said, the Ohio State WRs were WIDE OPEN on basically every throw. Kind of reminded me of a high school HUDL film....
    -- But I think the WRs are a really good, deep group.
    -- OL looked real good to me and Dobbins is definitely a very good, but maybe not elite RB

    -- Defensively Bosa is unblockable and the entire DL is solid
    -- LBs and secondary are suspect. Not bad, just suspect.
    -- Looks a lot like the Clemson defense to me overall... great DL and some problems on the back end.

    I echo the thoughts of Planks a few posts up.... I think we may be catching them on the wrong year. Haskins looks to be an obvious upgrade over the overrated JT Barrett and the DL is probably the best in the country, even better than Clemson. I'm just not sure we are where we need to be this year. Losing Blacklock was a huge loss and I don't think SRobinson, Reagor and company made a big enough jump this season.
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  13. the ohio state backs are elite and will be the best pair we see in the regular season now that anderson is out with injury.

    my biggest fear is the backs and the running game. if we control the running game without involving the safeties we stand a chance to slow the passing game.

    if gary has to involve the safeties in control the run game as history has shown us the frog defense is in for a long night.
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  14. Jake - From an Ohio State fans perspective, this is pretty spot on in my opinion. Runningback wise, you have to include Mike Weber, he has had a better first two games, and is running with a purporse. Dobbins is the #1, but Webber might be better right now. Good Luck Saturday night!
  15. I almost feel like this year is going to be like the year before Trevone burst onto the scene...a lot of learning the speed and reads all year and clicks over 2019 summer...I don't want that to happen and am confident in SR however, just has a semi-uneasy feeling.
  16. So we're already declaring Haskins better than Barrett after two whole games? If you remember, Barrett was considered as a top Heisman candidate after his freshman year but as time went on his shortcomings became exposed. Haskins may very well be better than Barrett but, to this point, he hasn't proven anything on the field. Nor has our QB, of course, so we're both pretty much in the same boat.
  17. True, but the general concensus among observers is that Haskins is better the Barrett. But my main point isn’t necessarily that Haskins is better than Barrett, my point is that the TYPE of QB that Haskins is will be more affective against our defense than the TYPE of quarterback Barrett is. Barrett was more of a threat with his legs, but he struggled with the deep ball. Patterson’s defenses have generally feasted on offenses that have struggled with the deep ball. So that could have been an area of advantage had this game been last year. However this is this year and by all appearances, Haskins throws an excellent deep ball.

    Both Haskins and Robinson’s played terrible teams through the first two games. But in those two games Haskins was decisively better throwing the ball. It wasn’t even remotely close. Objectively looking at Haskins and Robinson’s play through two game, Ohio State and TCU do not appear to be in the same boat quarterback wise. Remember, Haskins is a year older.

    Now that’s not to say Robinson won’t end up being the better quarterback or that he won’t end up outplaying Haskins this Saturday and lead us to a victory. I’m a big fan of Robinson long term, I think he will eventually match if not surpass Dalton and Boykin as the best QB of the Patterson era. But from what I’ve seen so far this season, it looks like he may still be a year away from being in his prime and being the quarterback we need to beat Ohio State. I hope he proves me wrong on Saturday.

    I wish the 2019 Ohio State game was still on the schedule because I would have loved to see Robinson in his prime playing behind an experienced Oline, with a healthy Blacklock to anchor the defense. But this is this year, this week, in this situation. Won’t stop me from being there and cheering and being as loud as I can to support TCU the whole game.
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  18. Not going to pass fair judgement on Robinson until after the OSU game.

    I think he was really held back the first 2 games, I would really like to see Cumbie open it up.

    Something I wish he did in either OU games last year. We couldn't run against OU last year and I think it will be similar to OSU. We are going to have to earn yards in the air.

  19. Some of this, please.

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