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FWST: TCU’s signing of Zachary Evans merits a question more than a red flag

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, May 15, 2020.

  1. Muck is a red flag saying don’t read...
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  2. I think it is fair because a lot of people are questioning Evans’ character.
  3. I did not expect to read this when I woke up this AM.
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  4. I think Mac is a second rate piece of [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] writer and the guy who wrote the headline is worse. scheiss both of them.
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  5. Now and forever scheiss Muck!

    The worst part isn’t even that he bashes on TCU, it’s that he is a crap writer who doesn’t know how to make a compelling argument. I have 10th graders who write better essays than this clown. To top it off he TEACHES journalism at TCU. There are plenty of better journalists/writers than this clown.

    Top has the right to post these trash articles, and I have as much right to share my opinion on these trash articles and the author of this steaming pile of dog crap.
  6. My biggest complaint against Mac has ALWAYS been that he's simply an awful writer. I don't understand how he has a job.
  7. TWO jobs.
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  8. Why do this sort of research? You should just speculate that something might be fishy, and drop insightful comments like “TCU doesn’t recruit at the level of Alabama, Clemson, UGA.”

    You would never cut it at the Star Telegram.
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    First of all, I've never understood the animus for Mac, but I don't click on the Star Telegram articles because I don't have a subscription.

    I've lived in Houston for 40 years, and if I recall correctly (and that's a big "if" at my age) the story behind Aaron Brown was not really a character issue.

    Mayde Creek High School seniors followed a tradition of wrapping toilet paper around the trees in front of the school following the opening football game of the regular season every year.

    Again - if memory serves - Katy (Mayde Creek is in Katy ISD) had just hired a new Chief of Police who was a rigorous law and order guy, and he decided he would not tolerate such "vandalism."

    He posted observers at a distance and waited to see if the seniors tried to uphold this tradition, and when they did officers swarmed in and arrested anyone they could snatch up.

    Aaron Brown was among them. The head coach had a "no arrest/no play" policy, and found himself in a "Catch 22" situation. He was forced to suspend Brown from the team (for the rest of the year, as I recall).

    The coach didn't want to suspend Brown, but he had no choice - given his rule. However, when it began to affect Brown's college recruitment he called CGP and explained the situation - encouraging him to offer Brown.

    Let me repeat: this is all according to my foggy memory banks, but subsequent stories of Brown hitting his daughter in 2019 are different matter, however...

    Go Frogs!
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. He got two job mon.
  12. really dumb article by Mack this time. Didn't offer any insight. Just stupid opinion, and it was inane. I'm rather disappointed.
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  13. The best thing about Muck is that you can often tell he is the writer by the title of the article. This saves me time as I then don’t need to click the article link or read it.
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  14. I don't like 'em even that much.
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  15. Muck Face.
    DNR the article.

    Seems he is the "You will not believe where he is now!" writer for the internet bait, click, and switch advertisement threads.

    My understanding from a media contact at TCU that Muck bugs the TCU folks for ideas and stories. Makes sense.

    But then he twists the title to haul in the Longhorn,Aggies, Mustang, etc. readers.

    I'm sure this Red Flag article will get read by the hate TCU crowd.

    If Zach had signed with SMU and Muck wrote the same article, I would have clicked and read it.

    He's still a jerk and I hope his wife is having relations with Craig James.
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  16. The curious thing about Mac is that his shtick involves annoying fan bases.

    Some of the posters on the free Baylor football fan board really hate him, and repeat over and over that he is a TCU homer. Mac apparently ruffled some feathers with his comments on the decline and fall of the Briles regime. And perhaps again (I don't have a clear memory; and don't want to research the issue) when Rhule flirted with leaving and then left.

    I agree that he's a poor writer, and amazed that he has a job as a writer. Maybe he NEEDS a shtick to stay employed in that field.

    Comment: I used to read the Baylor board every month or so for laughs, but their shtick is stale for me. I don't go over there much these days. Maybe I'll check them out again when the next catastrophe drops on BU athletics-- it can't be too far away given their high-risk behavior past and (I presume) present.
  17. Welome aboard Zach. This is Muck the [ profanity ] bag that can find a dark cloud in any silver lining.
  18. He saw Meach had come back into the fold and that order had been restored offensively
  19. Perhaps more of a magenta ...

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