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FWST: TCU’s signing of Zachary Evans merits a question more than a red flag

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, May 15, 2020.

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    TCU’s signing of Zachary Evans merits a question more than a red flag

    By Mac Engel

    Gary Patterson previously made a point of shying away from “knuckleheads,” and this is not suggesting his highest-rated recruit ever fits that description.

    Gary is also known to say TCU doesn’t land five-star kids; that TCU must take a two- and a three star and turn them into a five-star.

    Now he has to take the five-star talent and convince him he’s just a two-star.

    Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/mac-engel/article242651876.html#storylink=cpy
  2. Before everyone loses their minds this is a good article ...

    Evans is saying the right things, seems contrite. Didn't realize he graduated early and is a good student. Doesn't seem like he is a "knucklehead" but a young man who had a "knucklehead" moment for which he seems truly sorry for letting down his team.

    If this is the real Evans he couldn't be in a better place or with a better head coach.
  3. Then what's the red flag??? Or more than a red flag?
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  4. Can see how you are reading that, but it's saying that it's more of a question than a red flag.
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  5. Don't let anyone think Mack Engle has written anything worthwhile....
  6. Just another opinion piece out of Muck...
  7. Was tempted for a moment but still did not click. I decided that, even if he might occasionally have a good article, I choose not to give him the satisfaction of my traffic on his website due to the terrible articles that are his standard. As I get older, I am becoming less tolerant of idiots like him.
    Thanks for your service to the board, Top. I respect your right to post his articles, but I choose not to click on them.
  8. Red flag allows the coach to dispute the referee's call.
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  9. Terrible headline, and I hope this is one of those cases where the editor wrote the headline, but given the cuts at that rag I’m pretty sure that’s Mac’s original title.
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  10. Wird nicht auf Engel klicken
  11. Engel ist kein Engel, nur ein Teufel??
  12. Was ist das
  13. So, it sounds like he is guilty of being a 5 star that knows he is a 5 star. Not turning in his cell is pretty immature but last time I looked it was not quite to the level of serious crime. A 3.1 GPA indicates that he will not have trouble with class room work so the issue is............... looking for something negative to write or at least imply. Then there is this quote. "Gary is no different than most coaches not named Saban, Sweeney or Ohio State in that they’ll gamble on guys. He did it with running back Aaron Brown, who had some issues coming out of Houston in 2005 which explained why he wound up at a then Mountain West program." Again, to me, not turning in a cell phone does rise to the level or domestic violence or battery or robbery. A quick google search will find bama players arrested for those incidents during saban tenure.
  14. I read through the Tennessee forums on Zach a while ago, and there was a poster there that claimed he trained with Zach in Houston. He seemed pretty in the loop, but obviously who knows.

    Anyway, he said the issue with the cell phone was that Zach had a relative who was in the hospital and he didn't want to give up his cell phone in case they called. His grandfather had just passed, so he was worried he'd lose a second relative.

    The coach took a "rules are rules" approach and suspended him.

    He also said that the grades issue was just UGA making up reasons for why he decommitted. He had graduated early and didn't have issues qualifying.

    He also said that what happened with UGA was that Zach had asked for them to send him a financial aid agreement (which doesn't bind you to the school), and UGA sent a Letter of Intent. After he realized he'd signed the wrong paperwork, he called to be released and was mad that he felt like he'd been duped.

    Lastly, this guy said that Keeyon was the reason why Zach committed. He said they were friends and Keeyon convinced him to talk to Patterson, and the rest is history.
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  15. Excellent update. That all makes sense.
  16. I am going to make the assumption that he is a good kid until he does something to show otherwise. I am very happy that he has chosen TCU and I look forward to him playing for us. I hope that games will be played this year. I predict that he will be a very good player and that he will be a fan favorite. (Don't) Change my mind.
  17. How long has it been since those baseball players plowed his wife to be later?
    Shouldn't he drop his grudge by now and be happy that she found enjoyment once in her life
  18. lolwut?
  19. Is this a thing?
  20. I've heard this rumor too. Only name I heard was Craig Farmer.

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