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FWST: It’s actually progress, but TCU can only blame itself for NCAA snub

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. It’s actually progress, but TCU can only blame itself for NCAA snub

    By Mac Engel

    FORT WORTH – TCU can now add “Crushing NCAA Exclusion” to its list of achievements for its basketball program under Jamie Dixon, which in this case was sadly earned.

    Dixon has done a lot in his three years at TCU, so adding Sunday’s NCAA Selection Show watching pity party is, in a perverted and painful way, progress.

    TCU was not going to hold a watching party with the players, staffers, media and select fans, until it decided on Sunday morning to do it. After all, most of the NCAA Tournament predictions had TCU making the field.

    Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/mac-engel/article228064659.html#storylink=cpy
  2. “It’s not exactly worthy of a banner, not unless you’re Texas A&M”

    That’s funny
  3. I would not call this progress. It’s a small step back. Won’t click on muck
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  4. Did not click.
  5. It's a worn out tired expression that is getting old even on this website.

    I'll never click his boat articles but how about some reporter actually say we were darned by the committee instead of "we should blame ourselves" stance.

    Darn Muck, darn the committee, darn the NCAA who makes it a point of darning us every chance they get. How about someone write that story...
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  6. Yeah, we all know you don't like Muck, Punter. Yet somehow you find a way to reply every single time one of his articles is put on the board.
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  7. Ever wonder if the letter "C" in our monogram sticks in the craw of the NCAA?
  8. Commonwealth?
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    I wonder if Muck works on his ability to be a condescending dick or if it came naturally?

    I didn’t know him 20 years ago - and now while he tends to be “witty” at times, I do think his professional need to be a jerk has gotten to be so second nature for him that he has lost any ability to state what is true without coming off as a first class ahole

    Kind of like negative people that say they are realists or people that lack common sense calling them selves optimistic- maybe it’s his job because he is naturally a tool to begin with...?
  10. Used to sell a pill for that.
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  11. Agreed!
  12. Didn't that West Texas Christian school get in?
  13. big country christian school
  14. It was more of a reply to you...calling out something you thought Muck said was funny...but obviously wasn't.

    Muck is a monster dbag who should have been the first casualty in the death of newspapers.
  15. Its not progress, its the same-old same-old. When have we heard about a promising season derailed by injuries and (this year) transfers exposing a lack of depth. Seems like the same story for three straight years.
  16. What?
    Won the NIT in his first year, and made the NCAA the 2nd year. This season was the only season of major attrition pertaining to injuries and transfers.
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  17. The only same story was Fish getting hurt every year...
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  18. And yet you can’t help from posting on every thread of his, like a jilted ex-girlfriend calling her ex at 2 am and then hanging up as soon as he answers.
  19. Mucknosticator, is that you?

  20. What a Brilesbag

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