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FWST: If Baylor loses to TCU this time, the Bears are frauds

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. If Baylor loses to TCU this time, the Bears are frauds
    • By Mac Engel Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TNS)
    FORT WORTH, Texas — Unlike that time in March when a group of Texas fans were denied the right to buy patio seats for the baseball series in Fort Worth, TCU AD Jeremiah Donati will not reject any Baylor fan who wants to pay for a seat on Saturday.

    Tickets remain available for Baylor’s most important game of the season. A rivalry that once briefly was the best in Texas has returned, but the game isn’t doing much on Stadium Drive.

    Kickoff for No. 12 Baylor at TCU is the dreaded 11 a.m., a perfect excuse for the students to no-show.

    Read more at https://www.omaha.com/sports/nation...cle_f80a6872-b9aa-553c-9497-a3057f2595bd.html
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  2. Mac....you miserable son of a [ hundin].....
  3. People continually tell me writers don’t do their own headlines but there’s no way in hell Mac isn’t involved in his. I’m batting 1.000 in guessing ahead of time if he wrote an article.
  4. Is he drunk?
  5. Headline should read: "If Baylor loses to TCU, I Will Lay on the Ground, Kick My Feet, and Cry Like a Baby"
  6. My bet is that the Star-Telegram is about to go under. Yesterday I received an email from the FWST saying my monthly rate was changing from $40.73/month to $93.60 plus tax/month. To me, that is a desperate act that very few subscribers will accept. The good news is that when it happens, Mac loses his job. Good riddance. He has never been a TCU fan.
  7. $93.60 a month?!?!?! I wouldn’t pay that for a YEAR.
  8. I feel bad for all the other folk employed by the Startlegram, but woohooo!
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  9. As a skunk!
  10. What a sad little person.
  11. Another in a series of passive aggressive articles.
  12. Dang. How much did a subscription to the paper cost back before internet and every house in my neighborhood got it?
  13. So you've been paying $500/year to have to go out and pick up trash on your lawn every morning?
  14. ST is banking that there are enough subscribers not paying attention to the rate change to more than offset the cancellations. Good luck!
  15. $93 a month?!? That's mighty steep for some low-quality fishwrap...
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  16. After the ST goes under, Mac should partner with Mosely and Bayless. Like I used to enjoy tuning in to TAMU Dave South to wallow in the sheer inanity, I might be interested in seeing what the refined uberdoosh MMB team would excrete.
  17. Somewhere there is a pasture just waiting for Muck to put out into it.
  18. Maybe they're trying to get people to just do the digital version. I don't subscribe to any news paper, but if I did, I'd probably just do the $100/year digital version and read it on my iPad/computer.
  19. Man, Muck's a hard core TCU fan. Just trying to get everyone riled up for the game and have some bulletin board material for Gary. Can't you guys see that?

    scheiss Muck
  20. Or a lifetime

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