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FWST: If Alabama’s Jalen Hurts decides to transfer ... TCU could be “perfect landing spot”

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. We need a body at this point it seems. Our QB situation is seemingly mirroring our Center situation in the basketball program.
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    Thought he was going to UTEP?

    Delton will play for former Kansas State offensive coordinator Dana Dimel, who coached Delton before taking the head job at UTEP last year. Delton will join the Wildcats as a graduate transfer and will be eligible to play immediately.

    Credible site but last I checked, UTEP was the Miners.

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  3. Again...There’s not a chance in hell that a Grad Transfer from a peer Big12 program chooses to come to TCU and ride the pine. Especially given he was already committed to be a G5 program and inked in as the starter to close out his football career. No doubt he would be told he could come in and have a great chance to win the job. If true, our program isn’t who what we think it is or he has an over inflated opinion of his abilities.
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  4. Neither in Kyler Murray and he thinks he is!
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  5. Was actually agreeing with you.
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  6. Seems like an overreaction.
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  7. Worth noting that NFL teams seem to agree with him.
  8. Not challenging, just curious who? I saw KK said that previously before in the NFL ranks.

    And not saying he won’t get drafted, cause he will. But getting drafted and being a legit QB is two different things.
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  9. Maybe. I’m prone to that. It’s a bad look for TCU football any way you spin it......A guy who couldn’t win the starting job at K-State, never threw for over 650 yards in entire season, and had a losing record as a starter does exactly breed confidence.

    Hypothetically..If he were to come here and beat out Collins do you think we are a title contender? I think we are pretty great football program with a lot of title worthy pieces in place for next year. It would be disappointing for not a single decent grad transfer QB to see that. The fact we aren’t more attractive to good football players is alarming to me.

    Let’s be honest..If you think your a pretty good looking dude but the only gals interested are missing some teeth you might wonder if your opinion is off. I’m beginning to think that we all have an over inflated opinion of this program
  10. He Did !
    Both players were Rivals 4* QBs … TM was a Natl' rank #6 Pro Style and JR was a #4 Dual Threat. As JR missed his Sr year, this is the Jr stats(TM's Sr yr. similar to Jr yr.)

    TM...2.650 passing yds .. 30 TDs .. 3 Ints.
    JR.... 2,646 passing yds .. 26 TDs .. ? Ints.

    Unaware if Matthews had a 5* receiver as JR did. Many posters had penciled in TM to start by the 2014 season prior to taking his 1st snap in the Spring of 2012.

    Think we're all pulling for a different out come for Justin.
  11. https://247sports.com/college/tcu/Sport/Football/AllTimeRecruits/

    Louisiana hs football is also a lot better competition than Kansas.
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  12. He will get drafted yes, might be a back up, probably third string and will play in wildcat situations. I would imagine you have seen enough tape to realize this. If he truly wants to PLAY he will have to change positions
  13. NFL teams don’t spend first round draft picks on third string QBs...I’m pretty sure he’s been graded a first round lock by every team in the NFL
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    JR was a very high 4 star (#43 in nation composite ranking) with an extremely impressive offer list. TM was barely a 4 star (ranked outside the composite 300) with an offer list of TCU, KU, and KSU. Huge difference how each was perceived by collegiate programs as far as their recruitment was concerned.



    Like I previously stated. Not even close!
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  16. I’ve seen enough tape to realize pretty much everything you just typed is wrong.
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  17. [​IMG]
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    You guys have your panties all in a bunch....
    - 4*s … so a 5.8 vs 5.9 rivals ranking
    - offers... TM committed a year before signing. Schools already new he decided on TCU, as his family had already committed to moving to DFW, to watch him...
    - Top 300... Rivals had rated TM #174 nationally.... not outside their top 300.
    - LA has 40% more pop. than KS. TM rated #1 in state and JR #5 in his state.
    - So Barlow's 4* rivals rating does not carry much weight since he played 3A ball ?

    No one in this debate is saying that JR won't be better, if not much better, than TM. The original post was not to put all you eggs in JR's Basket, if we don't get Hurts, as we've done this before and TM was that example....

    Again many on this site had anointed TM, not me, the 2014 starter, prior to taking his 1st snap in 2012 Spring ball. That's how highly thought of he was... I was on the Boykin team. Feel good we have Collins … no matter where on the depth chart.
  19. You need glasses!!
  20. You keep referring to RIvals. I alluded to the composite which takes the average of all four different rankings sites. There was nowhere near the hype surrounding TM compared to JR. You say he committed early which is why he didn’t receive additional offers. Elite players, no matter how solid they are to a school, continue to receive offers until they are signed. My only point is that TM was not considered even in the ballpark of JR by schools around the country. That’s really a simple fact. Stats are irrelevant so there is no point of comparing players from Kansas and Louisiana. Jr was a top 50 player. TM was not viewed even close to that caliber by anybody.

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