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FWST: If Alabama’s Jalen Hurts decides to transfer ... TCU could be “perfect landing spot”

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. We shall see but I really don’t see him as anything but a specialty player.
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  2. It really doesn't matter what you see him as. It doesn't even matter if you're right. All that matters is that he's about to make a whole lot of money.
  3. I can guarantee you he's not a first round lock by every team. There are likely 10+ teams who don't view him as draftable because of his height alone.

    But he will absolutely go in the first round, and probably fairly high because there will also be plenty of other NFL teams who fall in love with his ability and don't care about his height.
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    You joined KFc today to chase myass... looks like somebody is double dipping... what do you think about that AroundWorldFrog or Eight.?.

    Ok, since your becoming nauseous, who ever you are... TM was a scrub prospect as the rivals #1 state of KS prospect and #6 prostyle QB. And all those on here who penciled TM to start 2014 prior to 2012 arrival on campus, were doofuses. I'll agree.
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    I did just join today but have been reading killerfrogs going way back close to when it was first created. I graduated from TCU and have followed the Frogs since the1984 Bluebonnet Bowl season. Those who know me know I bleed purple.

    I posted on killerfrogs many years ago. Just hadn’t made the point to join and comment in at least 10. I actually spend my time (and make my comments) over on the 247 pay site and have for years due to the insight and information Jeremy Clark is able to provide. I didn’t join to ride your ass. It’s just that I do follow recruiting very closely and know that trying to make a comparison of the recruiting profiles of TM and JR and suggest they were similarly heralded is simply not accurate. I’ll gladly go back to the 247 site now.
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  6. [​IMG]
  7. I wouldn't worry about Sleepy. On his best days I'm able to figure out only about 20% of what the hell he's saying.
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  8. That's funny MF ...
  9. You miss understood my response..1st rounders end up as 3rd string backups all the time but a 1st round pick/money isn’t given to a guy they believe will end up as backup. It happens that they miss
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  10. Yeah they do. Happens every year. First round picks. Top ten picks that are out of the league in a few years or on the end of the bench.
  11. Liked for the creative use of the word “incite”
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  12. Busted by the spelling police! Made the change. Thanks.
  13. You may incite (or recite) more insight on this site.
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  14. I wonder if Jalen is enjoying the blizzard in Maryland?
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  15. Tate Martell has announced his transfer to Miami. This coupled with Delton to TCU makes it seem like Hurts to Maryland is likely.
  16. as many have said before just ignore asleep, either just skip his replies or literally place him on ignore and you won't be any worse for the wear
  17. according to froggish we are supposed to feel bad about hurts possible going to maryland.

    i understand the personal connection, can see him fiting into that offense, but not sure that is the best platform displaying talents possibly for the nfl.
  18. as long as Hurts doesn't end up at Oklahoma I am good.
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