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FWST: Here’s how TCU coach Gary Patterson reacted when a heralded freshman dropped a TD pass

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. I thought it has been reported in one of these threads that taj and porter got benched for dropping the ball in practice. Something about cumbie and/or dykes teaching drops in practice = drops in games
  2. Lack of playing time for Taj will be a good
    ? for GP this week. Taj showed big play ability with KH as the QB last year, over 700 yards receiving. His lack of playing time is puzzling.
  3. That's a BuzzFeed title if I ever saw one. ST sucks.
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  4. From my perspective at the game, and it happened right in front of us, Reagor just did what he could with a ball that may have gotten on him faster than he thought it would. I have looked at the replay a couple of times and I stand by that opinion. I do not think there was any intent to showboat.
    I'll also say that after watching the game at home this week I think I was a little harder on Kenny than I should have been. he did a decent job. If you mix in a catch/good throw on any of those post routes we might be calling his game outstanding. Oh, well...on to SMU
  5. Yeah someone posted that somewhere. I think there is more going on with Taj. Porter has seen the field plenty (caught a TD) but just hasn't seen many targets
  6. He wasn't running full speed. He slowed a bit before the catch. He could have put both hands on the ball, but he never extended the second arm. He was nowhere near out of bounds.

    Did you even watch the game?
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  7. Sometimes, just sometimes, the best a receiver can do is just manage to touch the ball. Some may say if you can touch it then you should catch it, but that is bull stuff. They probably weren't ever a receiver.
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  8. We hit a proverbial jackpot with the addition of two Waxahachie studs like Reagor and Snell.
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  9. Reagor blew the doors off that SEC corner, went by him like he was standing still. He missed the pass, but I bet he's thinking about that 24/7. Bet he doesn't drop another one.
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  10. Agree.
  11. Taj can't catch, maybe there are other issues but the fact he bobbles everything is enough to not play, I like that there is no grey area with this offensive staff
  13. GP use confusing wording? Naaaaaaaah.
  14. Agree with posts that the throw was a little high and I dont think he saw it till last second and threw an arm up to try and bring it in.

    Headline is the FWST's new sports model of digital click bait headlines.
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  15. Feed Reagor as often as possible. Kid a total beast
  16. You guys ever put on a pair of modern-day WR gloves and held a new football? I don't know how the hell they drop anything (unless the ball is wet)!
  17. Saw him walking across campus Monday morning. He was easy to spot. He had both of his hands taped to a football with duct tape....

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