FWST: Here’s how TCU coach Gary Patterson reacted when a heralded freshman dropped a TD pass

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    FWST: Here’s how TCU coach Gary Patterson reacted when a heralded freshman dropped a TD pass


    Freshman receiver Jalen Reagor dropped a touchdown pass last week at Arkansas, but coach Gary Patterson is optimistic about what will happen when he gets another chance.

    “He’ll catch it next time and go about his business,” Patterson said Monday during the Big 12 coaches conference call.

    Reagor, consistently praised by Patterson in fall practices, attempted a one-handed catch on a pass over the middle at the goal line. The ball came down to his chest and waist, but he couldn’t control it and the pass fell incomplete. It would have been a 32-yard touchdown and provided breathing room in what became a 28-7 Horned Frogs victory.

    Read more at http://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article172691061.html
  2. Who says the Star Telegram isn't full of interesting material??

    (What an Odd title for an article)
  3. I guess it's just me, but I don't think he was trying to show off. I know the announcers made a big deal that he tried to make a showoff 1 handed catch, but to me he reacted naturally as soon as he saw the ball. For all we know he didn't see the ball until the last second. Also, it was a great throw by Kenny Hill, but not a perfect throw. Reagor had to reach up for it.

    The kid also came to the sideline upset he didn't make the catch. He wasn't smiling or hot-dogging or laughing because he dropped the pass.

    Just my 2 cents worth.
  4. I didn't think it was showboating, either. Just a freshman in the process of adjusting to the college game. We won; he'll be a fine player. Not a big deal.
  5. Yeh I agree. Didn't think he was showboating at all, just bad a bad/lazy play. He did the hard part which is getting wide open.

    I am glad he started most of the game, he is an obvious upgrade over Austin
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  6. Worst case it’s a technique issue and he needs to work on tracking the ball and getting two hands up. That was a bad series for him with that drop and the mistake on the pooch punt right after, where he ran a route instead of downing the ball inside the 5. We won, he’ll work even harder this week, and I’m betting he goes off on SMU.
  7. Everyone is acting like he dropped a perfect pass that he had two hands on. The kid was running full speed, had to extend with one hand, and worry about keeping his feet in bounds after he secured the ball.

    It wasn't an easy catch at all. I for one am more worried about Taj and Porter than I am about Reagor.
  8. Staying in bounds was not at all an issue.
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    It was a catchable pass and will be marked as a dropped pass by a receiver. For anyone to suggest otherwise is delusional or didn't watch the play. Reagor will be fine, he will get more opportunities.
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  10. Maybe I missed something but whats the deal with them?

    I at least saw Porter play, where is Taj?
  11. I'm not worried about Taj and Porter. Only one of them really needs to step up and even if they don't we might be alright at receiver.

    One guy who I haven't seen out there or heard much about this year is Isiah Graham. Is he hurt? Was expecting big things from him, I hope he's doing alright and in line to start getting some major playing time.
  12. From what I saw of Taj in the JSU game, he might have a case of the pouts. I may be wrong and I hope I am but his head might not be 100% in the game.
  13. “It’s dangerous if you don’t throw the post,” he said. “We had a couple of times we needed to do that. We probably needed to back them up a little bit more."

    What is Patterson saying here? Is he saying that if you don't throw the post it's dangerous because the defense will start cheating up? His wording confused me.
  14. Yep. He sat on the bench alone the entire JSU game.

    I have a feeling Taj and Graham are not in good graces of GP and Cumbie.

    Porter played a lot just didn't get any targets.
  15. Man I had high expectations for Taj this year. Hooefully he will be ready for OSU.
  16. I rewatched the pig roast last night and came away with the same thought. The pass was a bit over his head (but still very catchable) and he reacted to it. That's a big spot for a true freshman and better for him to have a "grow 'em up" moment against Arky so he can convert those plays in Stillwater and on down the line.

    IIRC, he was wide open on a slant/post and Hill overthrew a sure touchdown. Reagor has looked every bit a 4* and will only get better.
  17. Yes. Just like last year against OSU, KSU and UGA. They didn't have any fear of us going deep so they jammed the LOS and removed the running game and YAC
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  18. I've noticed Porter blocking well.
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  19. That's how I interpreted it. FWIW...
  20. In the OBJ era...these guys practice 1 hand grabs so regularly and have gotten so good at it that they almost instinctively go up with 1 hand now on those types of plays.
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