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FWST: As practice nears, TCU football player tests positive for COVID-19

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jul 28, 2020.

  1. It’s all CYA posturing
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  2. So, all of you youngsters feel free to carry on with your cavalier life. I’m 73 with diabetes. If you were in my shoes just what the hell would you be doing, go wherever you want to, frolic with friends, never wear a mask, never wash your hands, never social distance? I doubt it. Don’t begrudge me for taking this virus seriously. I have family that still needs me.
  3. Then YOU can quarantine and isolate and lock yourself up. Let the rest of us live our damn lives
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  4. Thank you for your caring about me, [ Arschloch].
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  5. Thanks for caring about the thousands of people whose lives have been destroyed because of all these stupid lockdowns, quarantines, and mandates.

    Who cares about the people who lost their lifelong business, or who lost their job and can't provide for their family, or marriages that are torn apart, or people who are depressed and turn to vices like drugs. All because of government mandated shutdowns. No, those people aren't important, they are just the ones who have to suffer in order to save people from a virus that 99.85% of people survive.

    The city I live in has been absolutely put through the ringer from all this. Think of all the people in Nevada whose livelihood revolves around tourism and hospitality that are unable to make ends meet. It's worse here than it was in 2012. All because we have to fear monger over a slightly worse version of the flu
  6. Whether you believe it or not, I’m no doctor and don’t know one way or the other, but it seems to me the longer people want to ignore the possibility ( especially when you can be symptom free and still spread it) are delaying the end and prolonging the the things you dislike. Perhaps if everyone had bitten the bullet for a month Or six weeks in early spring, we might not be worrying about football seasons being cancelled. Just a thought without any data, though.
  7. Where did I say anything close to that. All I asked was what you would do if you were in my place. And you basically told me to F-off for trying to extend my life the only way I know how. Thanks, again, asshoe.
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  8. Hoosierfrog I am a doctor and I agree.
    Zebra Frog take care of yourself we need you around.
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  9. I would be living my life. As I am living my life right now.

    My uncle, 90 exceedingly spry years old, managed to beat the CCP virus in about 36 hours. My sister, 39 long years old (cough*53*cough) took about 5 days. Two cousins, 60 and 57, took 36 hours. I am pretty sure Mrs. Brewingfrog and I have already dealt with it back in February, but our recent antibody tests were negative. Who knows? My point is, it isn't the certain killer it is repeatedly pimped as being.

    The deaths from this virus are mainly people in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Average age: 79. Almost all had serious, life-threatening issues before the virus came along. Unless you're trapped in a New York City nursing home, your chances are pretty good.

    Don't live in fear.
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  10. Lighten up, Francis...

    He expressed a legitimate concern, considering his circumstances. All the "news" he sees is negative, terrifying, and relentless in the extreme. Not everybody is a news geek like me, and is not privy to facts that go against the prevailing Media narrative. Thus, a simple presentation of facts, arranged logically so as to support a good conclusion is preferable to a 2x4 upside the head. The 2x4 method does not convince anybody of anything, save that lumber is painful when used in such a manner.

    I can see the boarded up restaurants and stores, too. So can he. So can everybody. Gentle persuasion is more effective than ridicule.
  11. Literally murderers. All of you.
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  12. "Yes..." (/Montgomery Burns)
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  13. Has anyone on here begrudged you for it? I think you're doing EXACTLY what everyone on here has been saying someone in your situation should do since day one. The main contention from many on here remains that the reverse also be true.... don't begrudge us for living our normal lives as best as possible.
  14. OK so you're a doctor and you agree with him... so answer me this... if we all holed up for a month/6 weeks back in the spring where would the virus have gone??? All that would have done was prolonged the inevitable by 4-6 weeks.
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  15. Do not live in fear but also be prudent and protect the ones around you.
  16. The problem we currently have is that the news/social media is basically non-stop casting the blame on people NOT being prudent and protecting the people around them while totally ignoring that those choosing to live in and create fear have largely become the much bigger impediment to returning to some semblance of normalcy.
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  17. Like I said, it was an opinion without data supporting. The thing is, I guess we’ll never know now.

    I guess it’s kind of like a forest fire, it doesn’t burn all trees, some get singed, some charred and some burn to the ground. But until you douse it completely or segregate it and confine until it can be extinguished a spark can keep it going.
  18. My personal opinion..... the most likely scenario with this virus is that it NEVER goes away completely.
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  19. I’m almost your age, so spare me the guilt trip sob story. Take care of yourself and leave others to do the same. Best of luck.
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  20. I suppose a virologist could answer that best, but hopefully it becomes less serious as our immune system learns to deal with it.

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