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FWST: A day after being let go, Gary Patterson shows up to work for TCU football


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bro, why are you already this angry?

Imagine your boss was in charge of a project this week. He gets fired and youre left to finish the project in a short amount of time which you werent prepared for. The boss understands that, and comes back just to give the details of what he was leading and you were helping to work on. Now, you can look over the notes and throw them away or use them on Saturday as help.

Calm down Alice.
geefrogs has little compassion for the man who has done so much for our school. With out CGP there is no Brand new stadium/without him there is no Rose Bowl victory Trophy in our trophy case/without him there is no AP top #2 and top #3 final rankings/without him there is no Big 12 Membership/without him there is no 7-3 record against the whorns in the Big12/without him there are not so many fantastic Bowl victories(11-6)/without him there are no 11 AP top 25 or 6 AP top 10 final rankings/without him there is no CCG/without him there is no Big12 Championship FB trophy in our trophy case/without him there is no Del Conte in Austin TX.


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Believe Gary was asked to serve out the rest of the season and he turned it down- perhaps he changed his mind and his assistants may have suggested he stick around. Coach P still cares about this team and everyone on it and it’s success.
He might want to let their bosses know.