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FWST: 45 years after the Davis mansion murders, grisly Fort Worth landmark to be leveled

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jul 17, 2021.

  1. BS. He thinks about those murders every single day.
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  2. Was the theory that Davis did it himself, or had someone do it for him? Was the shooter masked or was there a reason the wife couldn’t identify him?
  3. That Cullen Davis story is a wild ride. I remember reading some in depth piece on it like 15 years ago and I couldn’t stop reading.
  4. We ate there several years ago when it was a restaurant
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  5. I think it’s a wedding and event venue now?
  6. The night of the murders in ‘76, I was sitting on a bus bound for Frontier Camp in Colorado. Sitting one seat away was Jackie Wilborn Jr. (Priscilla’s son/Andrea’s brother). The next morning, just outside Pueblo, they told him the news, pulled him off the bus, and rushed him back to Fort Worth.
    For the next 30+ years he battled addiction and depression.
    In 2008 he died from a lethal dose of alcohol/morphine, found dead slumped over a public park picnic table.
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  7. As I remember, not always accurate, there was a mysterious man dressed in black, probably masked, that carried out the assault. Most people thought it was Cullen Davis who did it. But a flamboyant attorney, Racehorse Haynes, defended him and Davis was acquitted.
  8. Here is hoping my fraternity brother doesn’t mess this iconic property up like he did the oui.
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  9. Fool me once…
  10. I attended a wedding there a few years ago. Didn’t know the building next to all those apartments had any history
  11. Just like OJ does I’m sure
  12. Wasn’t Cullen Davis’ testimony that he was there on the grounds of the property and he saw the man in black? I think Pricilla Davis, Bubba Gavral, and Bev Bass all said that night that it was Cullen Davis. They crazy part was Racehorse Haynes got Davis off in the 2nd trial which was a murder for hire deal. It was a sting operation with the Davis divorce judge posing in the trunk of a car with fake blood and gunshot wounds. They had Davis on wire taps agreeing to pay the hitman and the cops grabbed him as the was dropping the payoff money at the restaurant at the SE corner of Hulen and 820.
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  13. Read the Gary Cartwright book
  14. Awful.
  15. Denny's?
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  16. My recollection was there was a ton of evidence against Cullen. But he got the best lawyers available. Get a good enough lawyer and it will be hard to convict anyone of anything.

    I met his father, Ken "Stinky" Davis, once. A true aggy anal spincter He was old then (1960's) and for some reason would hang around a restaurant in Azle. Liked to brag about his wealth, etc.
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    At the time it was a JoJo's.

    The summer of the murders I was a lifeguard with several Arlington Heights girls who were good friends of Dee's and attended a party at the mansion a few weeks before the killings. Incredible place and will be sad to see it go.
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  18. No, they never found the wig, gun or any of Cullen's fingerprints at the scene. Evidence was Bev and Priscilla saying it was him.
  19. He wore a wig but she and Bev both ID'ed him.

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