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FWST: ‘It’s not a money grab.’ TCU AD Donati goes in-depth on beer sales, in-and-out policy

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. ‘It’s not a money grab.’ TCU AD Donati goes in-depth on beer sales, in-and-out policy

    By Drew Davison

    TCU athletic director Jeremiah Donati has received plenty of feedback in the 48 hours since he announced beer would be available at Amon G. Carter Stadium this fall.

    “I’d say 95 percent has been very, very positive,” Donati said. “Our fans are really appreciative that we’ve tried to find ways to improve their experience. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback through email, Twitter, Facebook … overall it’s extremely positive thus far.”

    The No. 1 complaint, though, has centered on TCU eliminating its popular in-and-out policy. Fans are no longer allowed to re-enter the stadium once they’ve left.

    Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/sport...niversity/article233657602.html#storylink=cpy
  2. Donati is growing on me. Seems to be a smart and reasonable guy who gets the big picture.
  3. This killerfrog.com crew that the article speaks of.....they're a sour bunch.
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  4. You beat me to it lol. He referenced us like 3 times.
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  5. ADJD is pure class. We are lucky to have him! What a great replacement for the previous AD! What was his name again?
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  6. Windegger, wasn't it?
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  7. There are few venues that publicly display the loyalty and zeal that a university enjoys from its fans more than those

    exhibited at sporting events. It is therefore incumbent for an AD to do everything within his power to promote and

    enhance that public image.
  8. Anyone who is classifying beer sales and the necessary corollary of no in/out as a money grab is a moron. Feel free to I’d yourselves. I’ll wait.
  9. *ID
  10. I guess we’ll never get to smoke in the stands again either. They just take take take
  11. I am a fan of Donati. A lot of spoiled whiners who have had the best of both worlds. TCU football and socializing. Only now the choice is before and after football games for the socializing.
    On a side note: I cannot understand the need to choose between drinking and football. It never has been difficult for me. I go to support the football team. Good bad or ugly. A beer may come before or afterwards. I never felt it an absolute right to drink a beer at anytime during the game outside the gates, then go back inside. Again I say spoiled!!!
  12. I'm not baggin' on the Athetic department for the beer sales at games. But to say that a $7 beer isn't a "money grab" borders on being absurd! Just like $4 for a 52 cent bottle of water isn't a money grab.
  13. You need to get out more.
  14. They actually offer free water at the stadium. Is selling nachos a money grab? Is it a money grab to sell t-shirts? Is it a money grab to charge people for their seat in the stadium? Is tuition a money grab?

    It costs money to get things.
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  15. Jerry Jones says hi.
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  16. This is absurd.

    Wholesale water costs about half of that.
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  17. I mean yes they’re trying to make money, just as any entity would, but as far as ballpark beer prices go, $7 for a 16 oz beer is very reasonable. They could’ve charged more and probably made more money. I don’t think $7 is the equilibrium price for max profits.
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  18. Why wife prefers that I go in and out frequently. Not sure Donati understands women.
  19. Does she?
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  20. I’m an old east Aider who s near heat exhaustion by the half and I go out to the car not to drink but to sit in my car with the ac on full blast so I can recuperate from the heat

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