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Frogs v Tech Game Thread - ESPN2

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. We have to play with more tempo, need some easy baskets!!
  2. .....and the funny thing is the next 2 games are very winnable, except it’s us playing those games
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    Embarrassing. That was the worse loss in 42 years. Ugly ball and getting worse.

    Injuries and transfers set Dixon back but for him to be at this point with such poor basketball fundamentals, mistakes, sloppy, poor shooting just overall lack of talent is troubling. It looks like he has improvements coming. But I find it very concerning how poor this team plays and is coached from a skill level.
  4. Next year will need to show a ton of improvements is various areas or I think Dixon’s seat will be extremely warm. But to caution people who want him gone now, TCU won’t have big time candidates lining up to come here without getting money whipped.
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  5. Two seasons in a row, the team has gone from doing okay to an unmitigated disaster. What in the hell is happening?
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  6. the kansas state game is critical for the rest of this season.

    there are 4 winnable games left on the schedule with kstate coming to town, in austin next wednesday, at iowa state who lost their best player, and then hosting ou at the end of the year.

    17-14 (8-10) isn't impossible, but i don't see that happening if the frogs don't win saturday and i really don't want to think how this season concludes is they drop the next two games
  7. “Worst loss in 42 years”

    Hey, it’s baseball season!
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  8. Of course we have, but you act like Dixon should come in here and have no excuses for losing to teams that are nationally prominent when we've never really been a basketball school and have almost no tradition. It's never been our focus. We lost to a team that beat KU by 40 in Lubbock last year and and played for the national title. They beat WVU by double digits this year.

    This is a rough season, but we were picked to finish dead last and have actually played above expectations. As ugly as last night was lets see what the team brings to Kansas State. Dixon didn't suddenely turn into a sucky coach. I bet he'll have them looking like a different team this weekend.
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  9. Haha! I'll bet you he won't.
  10. Looks like a team that has no confidence. The effort is there but the team just can’t make a basket. I just believe if we were able to string a few buckets together the floodgates would open. Let’s hope so.
  11. Well, wasn't that far off.
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  12. I‘m not saying I’m right here, just stating where I’m at with it.

    I’m absolutely saying he should be at the very minimum, competitive in every single game he coaches. Period.

    Winning is darn near secondary at this point. Just be competitive.

    He has facilities, he has a high recruiting budget, if I remember correctly he’s paid top 30% of coaches in all of college basketball. M millions, to produce. It’s just the expectation that comes with that, in my opinion. It’s not like he just got off the plane here. Year 5.

    And with the basketball landscape now on a year to year basis, recruit better, coach better. Don’t land a national tv spot and get your ship pushed in by an in state conference foe.

    And now we’re looking at the ninth team in the conference as the benchmark for improvement? Are you saying that to see if he’s lost the team? I’m not sure I’m following. Serious question.
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  13. This argument would be valid if this was year one, it is year 4. He recruited all of these players. The one decent year, the majority of the players were from the previous coaching staff. We have been getting worse the more players we have lost from the previous staff, that is concerning.
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  14. Talent aside, when you watch this team play they are lost and predictable. The other team easily takes away our main scoring threat, they all do it. We wait until the second half to make any changes that mostly fall short. Not sure what our strategy is and from the looks of it neither do the players.
  15. I'm on the fence with keeping or firing Dixon. I was hoping that he would come here and turn things around. Make us at least a mid to upper half team that was at always competitive. Win or come close to winning a conference title every few years, and make the tournament every year.

    His first year here gave me hope we were on our way back, but the wheels have fallen completely off. This is starting to feel like when Pat Sullivan almost left for LSU job, then ended up having to stay because we wouldn't renegotiate the buyout. Sullivan was never the same coach again. Like he lost his desire to coach here because he didn't get the LSU job.

    Same exact situation that happened to Dixon last year with the UCLA job. Hope I'm wrong, but it is very eerily close to deja vu.
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  16. My only hope is it doesn't become deja vu all over again.
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  17. Losing is one thing, but that game was over when the opening tip off took place. As a TCU Alum/Fan, I am embarrassed by that abomination last night. Plus, you just beat that SAME Team a few weeks ago.
  18. '83, you get a "like" just for your avatar!
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  19. i agree Berry. It’s possible we could somehow be 6-7. I’d imagine 7-8 wins is good enough for NIT.
  20. This sounds incredibly familiar... where have I heard this theory before... hmm.....

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