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Frogs v Tech Game Thread - ESPN2

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. I’d have a lot of respect for him if he just quits and admits he’s over his head.

    Don’t sink your alma mater Jamie. Fall on the sword.
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  2. I dont think this upcoming offseason will be the best cycle when it comes to that kind of coach.

    The big names at the mid major ranks are not realistic. Brian Dutcher is an SDSU lifer, and Anthony Grant already flamed out at the P5 level.

    Then you have candidates like Grant McCassland and Brian Wardle who our fanbase would reject because of the style of ball those coaches play(extremely slow paced, defense focused)
  3. He’s got a pompous, arrogant vibe about him. Don’t know how that impacts things but I could see how players could get tired of him pretty quickly.
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  4. If anyone should be laughed at is Texas Tech. After all they lost to us this year.
  5. this has to go do as the worst plus / minus chart in frog history.

    4 assists to 17 turnovers, less than 30 percent from the floor, less than 20 percent from 3 and fuller is an impressive 0 for 8
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  6. Awe shucks guys...We’ll get’em next time. Just off night.
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    We lost by more points than we scored.
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  8. Unreal.
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  9. Wonder what positive game notes Mark Cohen can pull out of his butt for this one. He’s going to earn his pay tonight.
  10. Frogs dominated TTU at the FT line....there’s a positive
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  11. Wake me up when the Dixon era is over.
  12. Everyone has a bad night, that’s all it was for them. Meanwhile they keep climbing the conference ladder while we sink to the bottom of [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] filled toilet.
  13. fun fact: I knew McCasland when he coached at Midwestern State.

    and I figured you’d say our fans would reject him because he’s a Baylor alum and was an assistant coach there not too long ago. His offenses at MSU were high powered and fun to watch, FWIW
  14. Do you remember when we were 2 points away from beating UT and starting 5-2 in conference. Feels like a life time ago. These frogs need us to back them this weekend against KSU. Bleed purple or bleed out!
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  15. saturday might be the most important game remaining on the frogs schedule.

    not sure what needs to happen in the next four days, but this team has to get back to moving the basketball in the half court, stop the constant dribbling while everyone else stands flat footed, and i wouldn't mind they push the tempo and attack the basket in transition
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  16. Battle of the boobs.
  17. You know the rules...
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