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Frogs v Tech Game Thread - ESPN2

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. Come on frogs. Find a way.
  2. Interested to see how we compete tonight. If we show some fight that means the players have not packed it in for the year. I would be shocked if we won.
  3. 10 point spread in Vegas is a LOT. Gonna be a tough one.
  4. Gonna be 82-27 at this rate
  5. 2 minutes in and think we already have about 6 turnovers.
  6. Quit
  7. Come on! Beat the horsekillers, again.
  8. Looks like we are not all that interested in competing. RJ is a walking turnover but we have no one better which is scary.
  9. Lucky to only be down 11-4
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  10. Going to be a long night if we are throwing the wrong kinds of entry passes into Samuel
  11. We have looked completely incompetent spare maybe the last 40 seconds. This is disheartening. Must improve.
  12. 6 turnovers in first 7 possessions
  13. Need a dislike option for this situation
  14. Why couldn’t this game be on ESPN+ so I didn’t have to watch it
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  15. Prediction: Frogs will shoot the 3-ball better from here on out this game.
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  16. All I ever want see is improvement over the course of a season. Jut not seeing it. Wonder what the point of emphasis was at practice and film if it wasn't turnovers?
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  17. The Weather Channel is looking like my better option right now. Please prove me wrong Frogs.
  18. I guess this is what I expected. Sad. Wish we would have went after their coach. We are just sloppy in everything we do but that can’t be on the coach. It can’t be his fault.
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  19. Weird concept but the lead will get bigger if we don’t score
  20. Grayer for 3! Prediction true

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