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Frogs v Sooners Hoops

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Pharm Frog, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. Manek and Dolittle were on the bench and OU left the door open but TCU couldnt score.
  2. RJs shot gets flatter and shorter every time he shoots it. Painful to watch.
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  3. I swear we could carry on a conversation with Bane most possessions since he just stands here by us waiting and waiting
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  4. You’re right. I like Samuel. But he needs to spend the offseason working on speeding up his feet. His defense is terrible when he is pulled out of the paint. He turns his body and too slow to move when they drive straight to the basket.
  5. Manek looks less like a walking anus today than usual
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  6. Just give the ball to KD! Only chance we have to score!
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  7. New Rule. Only KD and Bane are allowed to shoot.
  8. Every game is the same...... ARob is an out of control TO machine and JD can’t pass up a shot. Samuel who needs to touch the ball on most every possession gets left out and we still can’t defend the perimeter..
  9. Best shooter (not today) and we do nothing to create shots for him!
  10. JD, Nemhard, JD, Nemhard. Why not put Oscheris in? These guys are a freakin joke.
  11. Need to keep the deficit at 6 or less heading into the under-4 media timeout.
  12. ABob not even bothering to join the team on a review.
  13. I might let him play PG so he gets to touch the ball occasionally
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  14. Been pouting all day
  15. Bane is 3/12... doesn’t feel like he’s shot more than 8 times
  16. He's gonna put on his oversized dress shirt from Kohl's, a Toby Keith tie, and practice asking customers what it's going to take to get them in a new F150 today.
  17. And just like that, it’s ballooned back to 10
  18. Foul disparity is eye opening on the home court
  19. Where has this RJ been??
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