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Frogs v Sooners Hoops

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Pharm Frog, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. Some early observations:

    OU must be a finalist in the ugliest team bracket.

    Noi is not warming up with team

    I brought my David Boren #himtoo fathead sign
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  2. Was just told Lat and Noi are out.

    Darn darn darn.

    7 scholarship players today.
  3. Lat also out

    Maniac beat me to it
  4. Noi in a boot
  5. Thanks for info. I guess if Noi doesn't play, Lat is the first off the bench or Nembhard? We could lose this game. That leaves the brunt of the scoring to Bane and ARob.

    Wow, now Lat out too?
  6. We can’t win for losing. Whatever injury bug the football team had,the basketball team caught it.
  7. It won’t be Lat first off the bench. He out
  8. I guess we’ll see if KD can put up some more numbers. We just can’t afford ANY foul trouble
  9. Ridiculous

    Bane needs about 20 shots today.
  10. Injury bug has hit the fans too. Several appear to be out for today’s game. But the Showgirls appear to be just fine.
  11. Honestly, every single athlete at this school just needs to walk around in a boy in a bubble type suit/enclosure.
  12. Kaden Archie, you missed your chance this year if you had just shown a tiny bit of patience.
  13. My thoughts exactly.
  14. Jerseys are sharp and dumb and live
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  15. 8 scholarship players.
  16. Thats obvious since noi is in a boot
  17. Noi hurt his ankle yesterday in practice. Blehhhh
  18. Embarrassing situation with the lights
  19. Yes he is wearing a boot plain is day everyone can see

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