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Frogs v KU Game Thread - ESPN2

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Feb 8, 2020.

  1. We’re not terrible but we’re trending nowhere. You have to really just pull stuff out your rear end to have a lot of hope for the future. The excitement generated from the Dixon hire is gone and then some.
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  2. There’s so much wrong with this program, where do you even start.

    Only positive I saw today was, despite KU just out playing TCU all over the court, they kept fighting and got it within 4.

    Then the awful, lazy, sit your arse on the bench the rest of the game type turnovers. Maddening.

    KS is usually the biggest kid on the floor. He looked almost small today against Udoka. Shows how big and physical that dude is.
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  3. It is hard to be optimistic right now. TCU has lost 6 of 7. We're struggling. We have road games at Tech, KU and ISU plus tough home games against WV, BU and OU. I understand that some of our young players are struggling, but someone needs to step up and stop the sinking.

    Dez scored 20 today but took 19 shots. KS only got one shot! Our offense is stagnant, but I am not sure who can help Dez. Could be a tough finish.

    As for next year, KS should return and we have some transfers who have sat out this year, too. Right? We will have the same question next year: who is gonna put the ball in the basket for TCU?
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  4. Didn’t lose at home to USC.
  5. Sure, the trip across town to Dickies gave us jet lag.
  6. I can’t help you if you don’t understand the difference.
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  7. I don't know what some of you were expecting out of this year with an entirely new team that was stitched together after last year's mass exodus. I personally think we've done a petty good job winning 4 of these first 10 Big 12 games. The only bad loss was Texas. Every other loss was expected. This roster is incredibly flawed.

    If you think we're "trending down" then that's your opinion but I don't know what that even means for a program that has basically zero success in its history. If you want to blame Dixon for everything that is currently wrong with the program then go for it. But at the very least acknowledge that we were NOTHING before he showed up and now we're a competitive team in a very difficult conference.

    We all want the program to keep getting better. Some of us just don't see the point in non stop criticism of the guy who has taken us from being the laughing stock of college basketball to a real P5 program.
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  8. We win 2 more and probably 3. Beat ou and kstate and will surprise at least one more.
  9. If we finish with 7+ B12 wins then this season is a success imo.
  10. Ok.....so because we are picked last in the conference its OK that we suck?

    I know.....lets accept this level of suck with grace because we could finish last in the conference with our last three coaches??????

    So why is finishing last in the conference with Dixon better than finishing last with CND, CJC or CTJ?

    And yes i know we are not currently last....but the season is not over.
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  11. We're nowhere near last and we don't suck.

    But I have a feeling you already understand that.
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  12. This is a bad team. It was evident the first game of the year when we took entirely too long to put away a non scholarship D III opponent.

    Yeah we can get hot (lucky) occasionally but this team is poor fundamentally, not put together well (lack of an inside game), sloppy, undisciplined and lacking in basketball IQ. Its a team built around athletic ability, lacking in basketball ability, playing a scheme predicated on basketball ability.

    You and i can agree to disagree. The declining # of fans in DMC is evidence that I am not the only one who feels this way.
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  13. It’s NOT an opinion Country. It’s a Fact! Also, you keep talking about what we’re expecting this year. That’s the wrong argument. It’s what we’re expecting AFTER YEAR 4!!! If you don’t think this is trending the wrong direction then I don’t know what to tell you. Who recruited these guys that can’t play? Who causes the mass exodus? Who damn near begged and got on his knees to do who knows what to be the UCLA job? scheiss Dixon and his program is going the wrong direction.
  14. If you're just going to refer to any bit of success as "lucky" then it's going to be difficult to have any semblance of an actual conversation about any of this.
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  15. Well I'm sure none of us were expecting almost a total roster overhaul after year 4, year 2, year 15, or any other year because how the hell could you. But it did happen and it put us in an incredibly difficult spot.

    So as I've said on many occasions, if you want to blame Dixon for all of the players leaving and recruiting misses then that's legitimate. But expectations do have to be temporarily adjusted for a year after a season and off-season like that.

    As I've also said on multiple occasions, if these type of roster overhauls become anything more than a one year aberration then I will absolutely be on the blame Dixon train.
  16. How many good teams have we beaten? I'd say one....tech. I don't care enough to go to kenpom and see the rating of the others teams we have beaten but I'm guessing there are few to none over top 50 teams other than tech. So lucky fits into most statistical parameters I am familiar with.
  17. I never said that we're good.

    You said that we suck and that we're close to last place while also suggesting that we still may finish in last. Neither of those are correct.
  18. I don't want to join the blame-JD crowd, but why do you think we will finish in the top half of the Big 12 next year? Our transfers will have to be really good, KS will have to take a big step forward and the frosh will have to really improve for us to make that jump.

    My expectations were not big this year. I realize it is a down year, but why do you think we will be much better next year? I would love to be convinced.
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  19. I concede that. I exaggerated my point for emphasis. It would take a lot for Okie light to pass us. Then again i didn't think okie light would beat us by double digits in a game that wasn't as close as the final score.

    I will rephrase.....i don't see a whole lot of difference between finishing last in the conference with other coaches vs. 7, 8 or 9th with Dixon. Is that what we hired Dixon, and paid him top $$$ for? None of us expected to be conference champs year after year...but i believe expectations with his hire is we would be in the top half of the conference. And i never saw any of his pitt teams looks this sloppy and unprepared

    Hope he turns it around. I'm having a real hard time seeing how he will based on what I've seen to date.
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  20. I have no idea what you're reading. At no point have I made any predictions about what we will do next year.

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