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Frogs v KU Game Thread - ESPN2

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Feb 8, 2020.

  1. Naw, Somebody needs to show some leadership, leave it all on the court, get in people’s grills. Should be Bane but it ain’t.
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  2. Actually this team was playing better at the start of conference play.
    They have regressed a lot.
  3. What are specific examples of the leadership that you want him to show? And how will that translate into winning more games?
  4. I haven't seen any regression. We were making threes for a stretch and now we aren't. There's been a regression in shooting percentage but other than that they're playing pretty much the same as they have all year. When we make 3s we win. When we don't make 3s then we rarely win.
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  5. Think our defense rotations were better today but that had disappeared the last two weeks. Going to zone almost won them the game today. Wish Dixon would do more of that 1-3-1 and 3-2 zone they played today
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  6. I think most of that is because we're a TERRIBLE road team. Our defense generally plays pretty well at home and all that goes away when we're not at home for the most part. Recently we've had a lot of road games.
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  7. The thing that really stood out to me today was how each team used its big man. Both Doke and Kevin cannot score from outside of 3 feet. Self makes sure Doke gets 10-15 shots a game - most of them dunks off high-low sets. Dixon does nothing to help Kevin get looks like that. Why not?
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  8. We have bad homes losses to USC, Xavier, Texas and now KU. Do you really think we are going to beat BU, KSU, WV and OU at home? Why? The only win I see is KSU.
  9. Your guards have to be good enough to either 1) draw double teams off screens to prevent them from shooting outside or 2) penetrate and draw attention then dish.

    Our guards are not good at either of those. KUs, on the other hand, are. Dotson should be in the Wooden Award discussion. OTOH our guards basically did nothing but turn the ball over in the last 5 minutes of the game.

    Fuller’s minutes were encouraging. That’s about all I can take from this game from a positive standpoint.
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  10. What are you responding to? Nowhere did I say anything about who we might or might not beat in upcoming games. I don't really care for prediction sports talk so you'll have a hard time finding any posts of me predicting wins or losses for TCU or any other team.
  11. Do not want to think about next season if Samuel leaves for the pros. He did not look ready for the next level today.
  12. Is there even a hint of this possibility? Admittedly I watch precious little NBA but that’s something I find very hard to imagine.
  13. Maybe Dixon's heart is not in this! Might have been better to let him go to UCLA and we hired a younger coach, with more desire and momentum.
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  14. Good point. We start a true frosh at PG and they start a Wooden Award finalist. The big difference showed today. Hopefully, we see improvement on the perimeter soon.
  15. I am not trying to start anything with you. You said we are a terrible road team, but I have not seen us be a good team at home either.........especially in 2020.
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    Pros doesn’t necessarily mean NBA. Also, if he’s tired of college or just wants to earn money, he can overseas.

    I hope he stays, but with a cluster of a program currently, who knows.
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  17. ahhh yes...I watch even less of the Lithuanian and Wuhan Leagues. Have no idea how anything other than his size might translate.
  18. Samuel got schooled today by a big and he would see even better in the NBA. He ain't going anywhere. Maybe he makes it after his senior year, but not next season.
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  19. I did say we're a terrible road team. I never said we are some great home team, just that we're generally better defensively at home. That seems fairly indisputable.
  20. Agree with everything except the last part. This is not a cluster of a program. That doesn't mean he won't leave, plenty others have. But a cluster of a program would be what we were the first few years in the Big 12 before Dixon. Not now. A lot of people seem to think that the only two places you can be are great and terrible. We're clearly not great but we're far from terrible.

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