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Frogs are so lucky to have Patterson!

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by archifrog, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. Didn’t realize luck has a multi-million dollar price tag.
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  2. Interesting point that was mentioned after the game yesterday - the next three coaches above Gary on the all time wins list coached at schools that named the field after them once they retired

    not saying we should do that - just thought it was interesting that he is at that level of all time wins at TCU
  3. Yes, we are very fortunate.
  4. Yep, so how does that diminish his accomplishments?
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  5. We are lucky to have him, no question.

    Also, Cumbie needs to go.
  6. Just pointing out it leaves out two horrible seasons.

    Edit. And also puts Bob Stoops above Dabo Sweeney. Nope.
  7. Still does not dilute his impressive body of work....Patterson is a living legend and one of the best coaches in FBS...facts...
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  8. Only 4 of the 10 are still at the school that really made them
  9. TCU was very lucky to have had Patterson. I don’t know how lucky the Frogs are to keep him. If the past 2 years are any indication of things to come I’d say not very lucky.
  10. Based on what I’ve seen the last few years I’m not sure Mike Gundy, Matt Campbell, Matt Rhule, Lincoln Riley and Chris Klieman aren’t better coaches in the year 2019 than GP is. And that’s just in our conference.

    Time to start putting a better product on the field. Offense, defense, special teams...all of it is his responsibility. He’s paid to produce wins, not live off the past.
  11. You are a day trader....I prefer long term quality performing investments..
  12. You might be investing in Sears and General Electric.
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  13. You might want to find another team to cheer for if you think Patterson is leaving anytime soon...
  14. I’m not saying he’s leaving. I’m saying he needs to put a better product on the field, he’s been outcoached far too often in recent years. Offense, defense, special teams, it’s all on him, he’s the big kahuna pulling in $4M/year. Get it fixed or step aside and give someone else a shot.
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  15. Not sure I’d call TCU a performing investment based on past 2 years return. If anything it’s being managed like someone wants to run it into the ground.
  16. Coach-wise, TCU is then luckiest school in Texas, and has been for 20 Years.
  17. Gundy has now lost how many times in a row to OU? He has also had two 7-6 seasons in the last decade. Rhule and Riley will be in the NFL next year. Klieman has been at KSU one year and could leave soon, too. Campbell is 7-5 this year and is one of the hottest coaches on the market.

    Coaching in the Big 12 will leave some bruises on a coach's resume, especially if you stick around for a while.

    GP has had some great years and some bust years as well. If he hires a new OC, then we will be back quicker than a lot of people would predict. And I bet there will be some changes on the offensive side of the ball before next season.

    Like I said before, some of you have lost faith in GP. I am not there yet.
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