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Frog Volleyball 2021

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Pharm Frog, Aug 20, 2021.

  1. Figured I’d start a thread about one of my favorite spectator sports. Thinking and hoping that things can’t get worse for the Frogs this season as CJK enters her 7th year at the helm.

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  2. I’ve tried. I’m front running with the soccer ladies instead.
  3. No fault there for sure. For me…even losing volleyball is better entertainment than winning soccer. I tried and failed to be compelled by soccer.
  4. At least Adams didn’t transfer. Wasn’t that a thing? Top talent transferring?

  5. DO NOT tempt the portal! (But yes…net exporters of talent recently)
  6. they traveled to freaking montana to play a practice game?

    did i read that correctly?
  7. Me too!! Maybe we can convince Eight to use his research prowess and give us Jared/Joggin/Moose level Soccer commentary
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  8. If we don't find a landing spot as a P4, this is the sort of perk that disappears from the budget. Frankly, it should have never been in it. Plenty of areas in Texas to "team build", if you think that is a part of your program needs.
  9. all you need to know is that if you are in the metroplex area on sunday evening get your backside over to the soccer stadium as the frogs will be hosting one of the biggest games they have had on campus in the history of the program

    frogs are ranked #8 and the aggies are ranked #9. tcu is coming off a 7-0 thrashing of sfa and the ags just lost on a late goal at #1 florida state so they are legit

    what also makes this a big deal is from what i can tell the ags are 13-0 versus tcu and won 1-0 last year

    leave is up to moose, purp, chongo etc to break down the styles of play and the personnel of each side
  10. sure they flew spirit
  11. So, will they be coming home in a cattle drive with Woodrow Call?
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  12. Interesting take from their AD.

  13. If it had been a weekend, might have been worth the drive to Bozeman.
  14. They were going to be in Montana anyways for a team "retreat" before this match was scheduled
  15. Before Covid they went to Europe for practice games!
  16. why? not trying to be funny or difficult, but i truly don't understand this type of thing and if you want the ability to do this type of thing then shouldn't there be certain expectations for the program?
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  17. In fairness, I originally restrained myself from typing “CJK inexplicably enters her 7th year at the helm.”
  18. I had high hopes for CJK who was hired the same year as perennial top 10 Baylor coach Ryan McGuyre. Baylor hired a top area volleyball club owner to help in their coaching search whereas CDC did our search all on his own. Baylor has a full roster of 23 players including 7 transfers, whereas we can barely have an inter squad scrimmage with 14 which includes 1 Grad transfer. I like the players we have and wish them success. I really hope the addition of former UT All-American Haley Eckerman as Assistant Coach and Recruiting Coordinator gives this program a much needed boost!
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    I just report the news, don't do editorial analysis. May be some sort of Title IX driven excursion. Don't forget that in the Summer of 2019 the team went to Europe for two weeks .

    "It's a unique opportunity to have a Power Five program like TCU in town. They're doing a team retreat up here in Bozeman and reached out about an exhibition match, so it's a great opportunity to test ourselves against a very good Big 12 team."
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  20. I think this will qualify as a “measuring stick” season opener. Frogs will play preseason #’s 1,2,7,and 10 this season. #2 Wisconsin and #7 Minnesota to open the season. Anything better than an 0-2 start would be really good and very surprising. Heck…taking a set or two could be seen as a good sign. Big 12 may be a bit less potent this season than usual. Frogs are still undefeated!


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