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frog news from 2020 nfl combine

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Eight, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. It looked like he hesitated and almost thought about stopping about 10 yards in, kind of odd looking.
  2. 4.61 for Jet on his second try, much better but not “Jet” worthy. Let’s hope Sewo bring his time down as well.
  3. Sewo ran a 4.69

    Tank Carder ran a 4.69.

  4. I never disagreed dumb dumb. Re-read the quote you pedantically responded to originally. It implies that I don’t believe losing ten pounds gets you a full tenth off your time, not that it can’t help. I know your punting career probably makes you think you’re an expert on weight changes and forty times, but it’s really just a guess. Tell you what - let’s see if he comes in ten pounds lighter and runs sub 4.4? If he does come in lighter and doesn’t lower a full tenth, we’ll all agree you were wrong and hopefully you go away. Or at least stop being a prick.
  5. That escalated slowly.
  6. He’s mad because I don’t think Stephens can play tight end and because Reagor wasn’t very fast for his position group and not in the top 20 for shuttle time so he makes stupid responses to my humorous posts and I note that he comes off as a prick. No big deal
  7. I'm a prick but you're the one calling me names dumb dumb and dummy...like a darning 12 yr old. Grow up.

    I also was played WR at TCU and have run a darn load of 40s in my day...in addition I coached HS football for 12 years with a bunch of D1 dudes running 40s so I guarantee I know more about all this boat than you. Feel free to counter or "just go away."
  8. Darius Anderson
    • 4.61 40-yard dash
    • 10 ft 8-inch broad jump (2nd in position group)
    • 36-inch vertical
    • 4.19 20-yard shuttle (T-3rd in position group)
    Sewo Olonilua
    • 4.66 40-yard dash
    • 10 ft 3-inch broad jump
    • 36-inch vertical
    • 4.28 20-yard shuttle
    Neither of them ran the 3-cone drill
  9. 4.47 Thats LB speed bro.
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. hmmm.....big faster than expected

    almost quick enough to play running back for frogs
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  12. that is impressive for him.
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  13. And he let up the last 10 yards!
  14. true sprinter and not a distance guy
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  15. NFL combine winners and losers from Day 3
    Published: Feb 29, 2020 at 08:20 pm
    Updated: Feb 29, 2020 at 09:20 pm

    Chad Reuter

    Ross Blacklock, DT, TCU: Blacklock was an explosive interior defender for the Horned Frogs, and his combine workout showed teams he possesses the athleticism to play anywhere around the line of scrimmage. His 4.9 40 and 29-inch vertical jump portended a quality on-field workout, and he didn't disappoint. Blacklock consistently showed quick feet in drills, getting over field pads in a hurry and moving laterally while making it look effortless. He showed his lack of experience bending on the edge in some drills, but given his athletic profile, I don't expect that to be an issue.
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    Wow real surprised. Thought he’d be a low 4.4, high 4.3.

    4.57 on his 2nd attempt.
  17. Is it just a TCU thing or does every school think their players are faster than they are? I feel like every year our players run "disappointing" 40 times. Not making a coaching, training, player, whatever sucks argument. If anything it shows how good the coaching/players are if they are making plays that seem faster than their 40s.
  18. I question these times they run in the Junior day or whatever it is called. Last year our guys ran well, this year not so much. I know Reagor and Gladney are very fast on the football field and that should count the most.

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