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frog news from 2020 nfl combine

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Eight, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. players have been undergoing their medicals and the measurements and a couple of players stood out in terms of their weight.

    ross blacklock measured in a t 6'3 1/8" and 290 lbs which is interesting he went lighter for the combine as he was listed at 305 last fall for the frogs.

    i am interested in seeing what he does in the shuttle an the agility drills as there has been some discussion about ross' ability to play the 5 technique in a 3-man front.

    lucas niang measured in at 6'6" , 10 1/2" hands which are pretty much the size of a hamhock, 83 1/8" wingspan, and 315 lbs. which would be the lightest he has been since his sophomore season.

    lucas has had some very positive things written about him and if the hip checks out in the medical he could be a great value pick for someone as the thought is he could be a swing tackle or start at right tackle for some teams next year.

    reagor came in at over 200 lbs which was a big bigger than i would have thought and it will be interesting to see how he tests this week.
  2. Reagor getting a lot of press here as the next Tyreek Hill.
  3. Other than the weight, Sewo has similar measurements to the linemen.
  4. Quite the Twitter Handle Edit: talking about drew.
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  5. Would think Reagor is fairly happy with 17 reps
  6. Niles Standish just called and asked the Colts if they would draft Blacklock
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  7. So Gladney isn’t a 6 foot CB after all
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  8. Not even close, I think that might hurt him some. Jet was taller than Reagor, didn't see that coming.
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  9. JET always surprised me how big he was during the frog walk when he was walking in with various players
  10. Not sure if it was his long arms, but he sure looked it to me. Surprising.
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  11. I think long arms are just as important as height. Maybe more so.
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  12. Definitely helps, no doubt. Just pointing out that I think the long arms created a bit of a height illusion.
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  13. Also, tape measures have been around forever, so ridiculous that we have to wait until guys go the NFL combine to find out how tall they really are. Height is not really an arbitrary number.
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  14. He's 1 and 6/8 inches shorter.
  15. The history of college football is to overstate people's measurables. If Gladny is 5'6" and can shut a receiver down, who cares?
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