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Bruce Berry

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Do you know how hard it is to prepare for a team that you don’t have an identity for? It’s freaking impossible. And if Colorado has enough ammo to go all game to keep you guessing, you won’t look good. The only thing you can do as a defense is ATTEMPT to stop them. You can’t PREPARE to. Defense is much harder to play against an unknown than an offense is. All of y’all who have never coached a down of football who are providing suggestions on a man’s livelihood need to chill out.

Did he have any film on Georgia? A defense designed to stop big plays does nothing but give up big plays.
Running a madden prevent rush 3 drop 8 defense is about as useless as it gets. The whole point of the 3-3-5 is to get more athletes on the field and disguise where the 4th or 5th guy is coming from.

Our linebackers looked like they were shocked every time it went out to the flat. Dee winters isn’t here to track people down and cover up any flaws we may have had going sideline to sideline. we looked unprepared for basic football concepts regardless of what scheme the other side is running.


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I miss GP.
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I miss GP.
When GP defenses were at their worst, it was generally because the defensive line couldn't get enough pressure which meant the DBs playing man coverage ended up having to carry too much of a load and got exposed. But that was always the weakness of GP defenses, big plays

The problem with today is the Gillespie defense is designed to prevent big plays, with the weakness being that you get nickel and dimed. Today both things happened. Nickel and dimed plus big plays.

Our offense gave us a lead 4 times in the 2nd half and after all 4 of those touchdowns Colorado marched right down the field with no resistance at all to retake the lead.