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Fave LHCGP Era Memory (NOT the Rose Bowl)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by jugbandxmas, Nov 24, 2020.

  1. You gotta dig deep folks.

    With some of us worried about the future of TCU football, I think it is time to remember the past. Who knows it LHCGP can go out on top. I want him to leave on his own terms with as successful an end as beginning.

    1. TCU v Boise State Poinsettia Bowl.

    Our D was electric that night. Holy crap. I miss that. I stopped typing this and started watching on the YouTube and it is clear to see Dick Bumpas’ impact.
  2. Not fair. The Rose Bowl is number 1 with me, but if I can't use it, then I vote for the Peach Bowl. After slaughtering Ole Miss, we ended up AP # 3 in the nation. I will never forget the sign at the national championship game that year -- "Winner Plays TCU"!!!
  3. 2014 and 2015 vs Texas.

    I just mentally combine that 98-17 azz whipping into one game.
  4. TCU - Utah 2009
    The atmosphere in the Carter was incredible that night.
    Best home game experience of my life.
  5. Watching that Poinsettia bowl reminds me of two things:

    1) How Boise were the kings of taking dives to draw PI penalties

    2) How utterly pissed I was when they paired us up the very next year in the Fiesta Bowl.
  6. 1) The way he handled the Casey Pachall situation. True class and playing the role of coach and mentor

    2) 2015 Baylor game in the freezing rain/sleet. He was electric on the sideline in his last game vs his arch rival.
  7. Will never be matched. Absolutely electric and then the Frogs broke out the buzzsaw on them.

    Our re-built stadium is very nice, but it is too segmented / spacious for that atmosphere to be recreated.
  8. It's nice to remember that a few nights later, Utah went to the Sugar Bowl and physically beat Alabama around the field. And, the reason the BCS creeps stuck us and Boise in the same Bowl, again, is that we'd have annihilated any team they matched us up with and thus made their "Big Boy" teams look bad.

    Can't be having that.

    A fond memory is the 2010 Rape U. match in Fort Worth. Beating the living crap out of a bunch of mouthy, cheapshotting creeps was a beautiful thing. And it was done with grace, class, and above all, style.
  9. The 2005 Houston Bowl. It’s my favorite memory because after the game Patterson came to the Alumni party to speak to us. Then after talking, he got in line for the buffet with a beer under his arm. We would’ve let him cut, he did win the game after all. However, Patterson was just a regular guy willing to spend time talking to anyone in the room
  10. One of my favorites was the 2006 snuffing of Texas Tech and their big bad offensive machine. Those Tech fans were certain that they would destroy us.

    Gary's defense, with two freshmen at CB, held them to 3 points. Total silence in the upper deck from those raider fans.

    Ultimate redemption after the 2004 debacle in Lubbock.
  11. If I can’t choose the RB then I’m out. Nothing else close.
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  12. I think the 2015 Baylor game had a chance to come close to that atmosphere, but the weather didn't cooperate. That the atmosphere was as good as it was considering it was 38 degrees and a downpour virtually the entire game was pretty unbelievable. Easily the most miserable I've been watching a game, but it was awesome all the same.

    If it was 60 degrees and dry we'd have seen the current ACS near it's max potential in terms of atmosphere. The rivalry was at it's most heated right about then.
  13. Was in attendance and agree completely. Wouldn't have missed it for the world but it was miserable. At least we won, so the misery was worth it.
  14. At OU 2005.
  15. Well, I could only imagine how fun it was to be sitting in that small, white-t-shirt clad section of Utah's Stadium in 2010 to see a Top 10 matchup that turned out to be a monumental beat-down...
  16. Tons of favorite game memories. But my best memory, by far, was on Saturday, August 23rd, 2014.

    That was the day my youngest became a die-hard TCU fan, and not just the girl who we had to drag to games. ;-)

    Here she is, on the field, playing quarterback, and throwing a pass to Trevone Boykin, who became her favorite player.

    meet the frogs.jpg

    practice game 2014.jpg
  17. 2009 CGD and Utah (particularly the kickoff fumble recovery and Tank’s pick 6)

    2014 Peach Bowl (particularly Anderson’s pick 6 and our S-E-C chant after they kicked a meaningless 4th quarter FG)

    2008 BYU
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  18. Here are some deeper cuts:

    2001 Louisville. They were ranked pretty high, it was Patterson's first season and things were not really going well (we lost to FCS Northwestern State in Patterson's first home game). It was Thanksgiving weekend as I recall so nobody was there....and we just spanked them. If I remember right, our first drive was an 80 yard bomb, followed by a squib kick recovery and a trick play touchdown, and before anyone knew what was happening were up 14-0.

    That led to the following year and Louisville "owing us a butt whooping" and wanting to "take us to the woodshed".....and we spanked them again.

    2003 Cinci game where the student section was constantly raining Tostitos might be my favorite home game as a student.

    2005's BYU comeback was insane. I wish someone had a copy to throw on Youtube.

    2012 WVU's was beyond nuts too, feel like that one doesn't get talked about enough in terms of heart attack games.
  19. If I remember correctly (@TxFrog1999), didn't Scott put like 500 Club tix on his AMEX so KF.Cs could get first dibs? Then another donor (and then-active poster) caught on and purchased the remaining 2,500? Prevented the secondary market from spiking the price and allowed a lot of us to get 50 yard-line seats at a wholesale price.
  20. Kansas 2018.
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