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Fall Starts Today - FW Hunters Extravaganza

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froglaw, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. My favorite weekend of the year!

    Somewhere on the frozen tundra on the melting ice pack a musk or has broken wind starting that first real cold front of Fall 2019.

    Break out the thermals and the whiskey boys, we're headed to deer camp!
  2. I know the prep work has to get done, but... 104. dam. I'll wait til LaborDay and hope for something a bit milder.
  3. It's in the Tarrant County Convention Center. 72 degrees and they serve beer.
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  4. If you like hunting shows, DSC is pretty hard to beat.
  5. I'm a confused literalist. Is it more about neato stuff, or can you find bargains? I saw an Academy flyer yesterday with some pretty good deals on feeders.
  6. Considering breast augmentation for the lady? We used to have a great resource for that. Then he retired.
  7. Fort Worth convention center
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Good place to see several types of feeders/blinds/etc in one place. Plus new/new to you stuff. All that mixed in with hunting outfitters, oddball things, flea market shiite, rednecks and alcohol. What's not to love?
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  10. It's easier to just find the ones that are already set there.
  11. Yes and Yes.

    A lot of it is just a chance to get a little psych'd up for fall.

    I need a new game camera or two.

    Also, I've found some neat stuff that I use all the time to make Deer Camp more fun.
  12. I located a good game camera and two worm drives for my deer feeders.

    Also, found my Cowboy Candy (sweet pickled jalapeños) for my tailgate plus a chicken spice I like.

    A trip to Canada for a goose or mule deer hunt maybe in my future.

    Sunday is the last day of the show.

    AND Joe Ts now has a menu with several dishes added to the usual Dinner and Fajitas.

    I tried the chicken Flautas, not bad.
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  13. 5E656A97-5D41-4326-88A8-AF3B20A3FCFA.jpeg My backyard yesterday. Crazy Cajun wife and her bud. Third generation of two fawns born in our woods a few years back.
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  14. Gonna head over a couple hours prior to closing time this afternoon. Hoping to find some bargains from dealers who'd rather discount than ship.

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