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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. And we beat two of the other ones on the list in a bowl game
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  2. Boise State, Oregon and Wisconsin makes 3.
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  3. The thing that jumps out to me about that is that Gil Brandt has his HoF bust as his Twitter profile pic. Pretentious much, Gil?
  4. He’s earned it.

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  5. Key word being “other”. We beat Boise at their house, which is the topic I was responding to.
  6. I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s in jest.
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  7. He's certainly earned it, but that's a bold move.
  8. Maybe, but ours was not that great either. Hopefully, we have implemented some changes that facilitate the QB's having the opportunity for more uncontested throws into space and that will make defenses account for us causing enough damage downfield that the very talented RB's also have a greater chance than they had constantly running into 8 man fronts last season.
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  9. Could be, and as I said above he's absolutely earned the right to do whatever he wants. There's probably about a 90% chance someone else did it for him anyway and a 100% chance that he doesn't give 2 [ steaming pile of Orgeron ]s what anyone thinks about it, whether in jest or not.
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  10. Don't forget the nepotism at OC either
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  11. Absolutely was a huge part of their problem.
  13. You understand his point right?
  14. I guess not, he said we beat BSU at their place, but we also beat them in a bowl game.

    Must be my aged brain cells...
  15. Damn. Those 2008 - 2010 teams were just ridiculous. Hard to imagine emulating that kind of team again. Look at some of the names on that 2008 team:

    Jerry Hughes, Tejay Johnson, Andy Dalton, Colin Jones, Stephen Hodge, Ed Wesley, Jason Phillips, Daryl Washington, Tank Carder, Robert Henson, Clint Gresham, Marcus Cannon, Marshall Newhouse, Jake Kirkpatrick, Jeremy Kerley, Jimmy Young, Wayne Daniels
  16. Plus Priest and Sanders were really good corners.

    I still believe the 2009 team to be the most talented TCU team I've seen. The offense was really good and the defense was STACKED. In my dreams I think of the 2014 offense plus the 2009 defense together at the same time. I don't want to say what happens at the end of that dream, though.
  17. And yet there are those here that seem to think we can't ever take that next step unless we start recruiting better. I think the average recruiting class of those teams was probably ranked in the 50's or 60's. It makes no sense to have the opinion that those teams were as good as any in the country and then say we need to start recruiting better now in order to be able to really compete. Our last 3-4 classes dwarfed those of the 2008-2010 teams in terms of signing higher profile, higher "stars" players.
  18. Texas gets 1 second added to the clock after the game ends and takes our spot in the National Championship game?
  19. Y u do dis
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  20. Would the 2009, 2010 or 2014 team have beaten OU the past two years? I personally don't think so, especially Mayfield's OU. And probably more importantly, would those TCU teams have a chance against the current versions of Alabama and Clemson? Nope.
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