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Fall camp thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. I was at that game at West Point and that was not a great game but a super win.
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  2. Tha Hand Man!! The Hand...We would have won out
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  3. I think it’s very possible that we are 5-0 despite Delton having looked like a completely mediocre quarterback.

    Obviously if we are winning games and Delton looks fantastic, that is the ideal scenario. If we are losing games and Delton looks bad, that is the worst case scenario. The gray zone will come if we are winning games but Delton looks fairly crappy and we are winning despite him. What do we do then?
  4. This is astronomically silly
  5. I agree on Delton. How do we know that the 2019 version of Collins isn’t better than the 2019 version of Duggan? Yet hardly anyone is considering that’s even possible.
  6. What if we don’t lose with Delton, but are just squeaking by the first four (exc APB)...?
  7. We literally don’t know anything. ALL OF US.
  8. B9DFE7A1-274B-4EF4-9216-91B6C95F4171.jpeg
  9. and on more than just this topic
  10. Same can be said about Delton except that he played 3 years at KSU and did absolutely nothing but lose the starting position on a bad team. That sounds worse to me.
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  11. We’ll soon see. I do believe in the power of what a Fresh Start can do for careers.
    I also believe the ingredients on this team may be right for someone like Delton
    to come in and put up some vastly improved numbers from last year.

  12. Cool stat. Just as cool that we’re also responsible for two of the home losses of teams in front of us.
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  13. Yah but what if we do?..I mean All Of Us..knows everything...Think about it
  14. Collins is by far the least talked about of the top 4 QBs on here.
  15. No, it's not silly. We could go back just a few years and cut and paste the comments about Foster Sawyer before anyone saw him throw a football in college and it would sound like these comments about Duggan.
  16. A few days ago I was road tripping and listen to the KSU CATPower podcast. They were discussing this years KSU team and they began a lively discussion about last years passing game. Both the insiders on the podcast essentially said no QB would have been successful at KSt throwing the ball as the passing scheme had become so elementary that it couldn’t possibly be successful. They described the scheme as being embarrassingly bad.

    Now I’m not saying Delton won’t suck at TCU but at least he should have a better throwing scheme and better WRs to throw to. That has to account for something
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  17. I have seen Collins play and he can throw the ball with decent accuracy. I have seen Delton play a fair share and I have never been that impressed. I would hope the freshman is better than any of them. If the Freshman is the best player and gives us the best chance to win why not start him, give him the experience before we start playing the better teams?
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  18. In fairness out of those top 4, he’s also been the QB who’s practiced the least
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  19. He also has the most experience in this offense. The only one with any game experience in this system.
  20. That's what I'm saying. Why would someone say they don't understand "all the drivel about Collins" when there's almost no discussion around him at all?
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