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Fall camp thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. At best it would be like a controlled scrimmage against our scout team, but really, the scout team could put a whupping on them.

    1st. team offense and defense, 3 series ea. then ride the pine except the QB' who need the reps. Don't do things that are foolish and have Reagor receiving kickoffs, etc.
  2. It's an embarrassment that they are on our schedule.
  3. Not just injury concerns why they shouldn't be playing. Great opportunity for everyone else to get live snaps in a real game.
  4. I think Song has some decent stats but I don't think we were using Song for longer kicks though. So the stats are a little deceiving. The fact is no matter how the kicker did it was going to be step down from Oberkrom. The good news is that we may now have an elite punter at least.
  5. Too bad the punter can’t kick extra points or FGs.
  6. One of the reasons specifically why coaches want these games is for the special teams work. Special teams are by far the most difficult aspect of the game to simulate in practice. You want the guys who are going to be your special teamers to get that work in the first game because that's likely the first time that a lot of them will actually be doing it in a truly live situation.
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  7. What do you do if APB never kicks off in the first half...Do you bring your kickoff team including Reagor out for the second half kickoff?
  8. Concerning the preferred walk on, you are about as wrong as wrong can get. Try Arkansas, Colorado and Houston for starters. All you know is what you read from iwantobeasportsreporter.com or whatever fly-by-night football dot com you may read or the TCU beat writers who are held in check and not told everything. I told myself that I would not respond to anything written here about "the preferred walk on" but I just wanted to ease your mind that he is a solid kicker. Don't worry about him; he will prove himself to you and others.
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  9. I personally don't think these games give any good preparation at all, because the opponent is so much worse than anything we'll see all year, or in practice playing against ourselves. Now I hear that South Dakota State beat this team 90-6 last year (and Prairie View beat them by 49). What the heck.

    This is just a wasted week. We'll get the pregame ritual down but that's about it as far as prepping for the real season.
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  10. Isn't it rare for a placekicker to be anything other than a preferred walk-on until they win the starting job (at which time they finally are awarded a scholarship)? I don't remember ever seeing a placekicker as one of the 20 or so guys we sign..
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  11. That’s why we always have kicking troubles. Maybe offer a scholarship to a quality quicker and have many less worries.
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  12. Bama typically has not. Auburn has. some coaches won’t change their view on the topic
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  13. Didn't we give a scholly to Oberkrom and Song straight away? I think we gave a scholly to the Aussie punter and maybe Ethan Perry straight away too? I think they will offer if they think the guy is a stud. If they aren't sure, they will offer the preferred walk-on like we did with Cole Hedland. But then you risk losing him like we did to Arkansas.

    Really, I think you have to offer a guy every 3 or 4 years if you are serious about this part of the game. Otherwise, you are just hoping you can get a guy who can develop or just be satisfied with average or even spotty results. A scholly doesn't guarantee success but it increases your odds. Also, if you can get a few good kickers, you can start to build a reputation where kickers will want to come to your school like FSU has or at least had.
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  14. Uh...Ok. I don't recall those schools offering him at least to the extent that offers were reported when there were several threads on here and 247 about whether TCU would offer. Hopefully, he is great. But, it doesn't change the fact that TCU has gone 4 years without a scholarship kicker other than Song, who has had limited production and availability, and the only offer I know of during that period is the kid last year that was already committed to A&M. Maybe we just have different ideas about what it means to prioritize because, especially if you are correct about his offers, he could have easily chosen to go somewhere else where he didn't have to pay his own way.

  15. You can add 1 more name to that list in 10 days.
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  16. About to see #2.
  17. And probably #3 by the time we start conference play.
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  18. And maybe #4 at some point this season
  19. To me that's good and bad. Bad being that we're on our 3rd qb but good because that means JR is healthy enough to play.

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