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Fall camp thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. And more than a few people claimed Collins should have been starting all along. Didn't he start against Kansas? The QB situation was going to be a mess no matter who was in there. We finished the season 3-0 with our 3rd or 4th string QB and supposedly 30+ guys out with injuries and we were 4-6 prior to that with our 1st and 2nd string QB and less injured players, so whatever impact all those injuries had didn't really show up in the W/L column.
  2. Really hard to make the claim his injury severely changed much...won’t know unless he gets good time at Missouri.

    He missed a few wide open guys at Ohio State. No injury there...he’s not accurate, sure the banged up shoulder didn’t help as the season went on.
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  3. Blacklock alone was probably worth a game. Blacklock and Gaines together might have been two. If Shawn stays healthy all season, he might’ve clicked and we win a couple more.
  4. valid point.
    But you also have to consider that even if an injured guy is not a starter, how does it affect the 2 deep. Some may say they are 3rd string. Well heck, 3rd string is midseason starter on the Frog roster some years. And starters don't get rotated as much because nobody is behind them to carry short load. (I exclude rcvrs from this as that amount of rotation there is a sore subject).
  5. the fact that his mechanics did not seem to develop further, as well as reading the field, brings up a question I think many are afraid to ask. and it aint about the player himself.
  6. There were two games we should have won that we just shot ourselves in the foot compeletely.
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  7. He could not really move well and lost touch on the ball by the end of the Tech game. Pretty sure that was injury related.
  8. If you think injuries had no impact at all on losing the Kansas game then you're just lost in the "no excuses, next man up" mentality that, while very important for players on the team to believe and buy into, is in reality not at all true. And just there difference in one extra win in football is a big deal, especially when it's Kansas.

    Now, you can certainly say that we still should've won the game anyway and I'd agree with that. But if you think injuries had no impact at all on the final record in 2018 then you're being foolish and stubborn. Injuries are a huge factor in every sport at every level on how many games teams win and acting like last year's injuries weren't a factor because they weren't all suffered by future NFL Pro Bowlers is denying an obvious truth of how sports work.
  9. We were 7-6 last year, and if not for a butt fumble we would have been 8-5. If you take away a few of the major injuries we could add 1-2 wins as well. That would put us at 9-4 or 10-3.

    However, we were also lucky enough to play Iowa State before Brock Purdy started playing. Assuming we would have lost that game even if our injured players were at full strength, that puts us back at a 8-5 or 9-4 season.
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  10. I'm not saying injuries had no impact, of course they did. Injuries impact every season for every team. But it was almost like GP couldn't wait to tell everyone how injured his team was, it just seemed like he was fishing for an excuse. Don't want to talk about injuries? Then don't talk about injuries. That's basically it.
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  11. GP, historically doesn't want to talk about injuries but last year, oh well.
  12. We only won one game Collins started and finished. The thrilling 14-13 victory over Kansas St.
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  13. Just think where we would have been if didn’t take them 2/3 of the season to figure out they needed to get the ball to Reagor.
  14. This is how I see it as well. I'm surprised to see that there are people who think Robinson was kind of good pre-injury. He was bad against SMU and Texas, and absolutely could not see safeties standing right in front of him when he threw. Maybe he gets better at Missouri, but he was bad in 2018.
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    3/10 for 44 yds. and rushed 2 times for -7 yds. in the Missouri spring game. No good, and bad karma - glad he's gone out of our locker room. We've got good chemistry now, ready to rock.
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  16. Dee Winters looks like he’s put on some muscle in his short time on campus. GP bulking him up for LB
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  17. 9-3 Got Florida into the Peach Bowl last year.
  18. I thought he got injured @ SMU.

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